1445. Apples & Orange-Orange

Table: Sales +—————+———+ | Column Name | Type | +—————+———+ | sale_date | date | | fruit | enum | | sold_num | int | +—————+———+ (sale_date,fruit) is the primary key for this table. This table contains the sales of “apples” and “oranges” sold each day. Write an SQL query to report the difference between number of apples and oranges sold each […]

[2629] Identity Card 【Compare Pit / Water Questions】 The

http://acm.hdu.edu.cn/showproblem.php?pid=2629 region only needs to look at the first two, because the number of concepts behind the area represents the county #include<cstdio> #include<iostream> #include<string> #include<algorithm> using namespace std; int main(void) { int n; cin>>n; while(n–) { string s; cin>>s; string area=s.substr(0,2); string year=s.substr(6,4); string month=s.substr(10,2); string day=s.substr(12,2); if(area==”33″) area=”Zhejiang”; if(area==”82″) area=”Macao”; if(area==”11″) area=”Beijing”; if(area==”54″) area=”Tibet”; […]

webserver.java uses Java to write a web server

//webserver.java Write the web server import java.io.*; Import Java.net.*; Public Class WebServer {Public Static void Main (string art []) {int i = 1, port = 8080; Port = 8080; Serversocket server = nul //webserver.java use Java to write a web serverimport java.io.*;import java.net.*; public class WebServer{   public static void main(String args[])    {     int […]

Before design mode-Seven major software architecture design principles

directory 1: Open and Closing Principles Two: Relying on inversion principle three: a single responsibilities principle Four: Interface isolation principle. Five: Dimit’s Law 6: The principle of replacement of Li’s Seven: Synthetic Reuse Principles Design Principles Summary: 1: Open and Closing Principles Open and closing principles (Open-Closed Principle (OCP) refers to a software entity such […]

HTML Basic Getting Started

2 2 2 Head is mainly composed of 5 parts Title label set the title of the webpage, that is, the webpage title displayed at the top of the browser. META tags are mainly used for information introduction and explanation, such as: Define web page Keyword: <meta name=”keyword” content=”CSDN, LightWolf, html”> Definition web description: <meta […]

Soundpool Basic Usage HANA

Recently doing a music -related project, contacting Soundpool, using it to play music. Soundpool, as the name suggests, is the pool of sound. Look at the followingSoundpool official documentationexplanation: <!-Soundpool to manage and play audio files-> The soundpool class manages and plays audio resources for applications. A soundpool is a collection of samples that can […]

[Turn] [API Management System SHOWDOC deployment]+[CentOS-5.10 Yum Method Install Nginx+PHP]

The messy API documentation, word, excel, PDF, urgently wanted to find an API management tool, and finally found the showdoc (https://github.com/star7Thowdoc). Slightly difficult. After some tossing, I finally got it. 1, install nginx [html]  view plain  copy yum install nginx   2, install pHP [html]  view plain  copy yum remove httpd* php*   yum install yum-priorities -y   rpm -Uvh http://mirrors.opencas.cn/epel/epel-release-latest-5.noarch.rpm   rpm -Uvh http://rpms.famillecollet.com/enterprise/remi-release-5.rpm   yum –enablerepo=remi install php php-fpm   yum –enablerepo=remi install php-gd php-mysql php-mbstring php-xml php-mcrypt   3, configure nginx [html]  […]

Python sequence three types: list, tuple, dictionary Pain

Reprinted Red Defense Alliance www.rednat.com Python’s data structure is mainly sequences, and three types of lists, tuples and dictionary are relatively easy to confuse. I made a special notes for everyone to learn: Original address: http://www.rednat.com// Archives/Python-sequence-OF-Three-Types-Tuples-DictionAries.html list: orderly variable sequence Create: UserList= [1,2,3,4,5,6]Modification: UserList[5] = 999Add: UserList.append(777)Delete: UserList.remove(4)or del(userlist[3])POP method: Remove an element, the […]

[LightoJ] 1138 &#8212; Trailing Zeros (two points) Promise

Trailing Zeroes (III)LightOJ – 1138 You task is to find minimal natural number N, so that N! contains exactly Q zeroes on the trail in decimal notation. As you know N! = 1*2*…*N. For example, 5! = 120, 120 contains one zero on the trail. Input Input starts with an integer T (≤ 10000), denoting the number of test cases. Each case […]

MOSS practice &#8212; Common errors

Starting to practice, isn’t it a bit waiting? The following listed problems and solutions I encountered (if so). 1. Do a user control to get the listitem under the list in the web, but always report an error after opening in IIS; “Can’t find the web application under *****. Please confirm that the URL is […]


The question is: the same application, the administrator authority can be run on some computers, some computers use administrators or not to use the administrator permiss WhenCoinitializeSecurity function, some computers are successful and some computers fail. I found the following article on the Internet to solve this problem.   CoinitializeSecurity Learning (Transfer) January 31, 2012 […]

MyCat can’t start because of memory size

After the installation is installed, execute ./mycat console command output the following error messages: wrapper  | Launching a JVM…wrapper  | JVM exited while loading the application.jvm 1    | Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx4Gjvm 1    | The specified size exceeds the maximum representable size.jvm 1    | Error: Could not create the Java Virtual […]

BT.1120 code flow

Now explain the data stream of the BT.1120 interface. The last picture of this article is the overall map of the data stream, which is introduced in the previous part. Considering that there is a 300mV synchronization signal in each line, whether it is a redundant part in the active image or standard test signal, […]

Excel data analysis project -e -commerce data analysis actual combat

Excel data analysis project -e -commerce data analysis actual combat 1. Clear purpose -with business as the core purpose 2, understand data ① Product purchase record data Buy user information table 3, ask questions Four, data cleaning ① Choose a subset ② Named Name ③ Data type conversion ④ Data to heavy ⑤ Lack of […]

Webx -Requst Context session

Session Overview The function of session is to save status data between HTTP requests. 1.Session of Section (1) Save in the memory of the application server. For the cluster, the two requests of the same user may be assigned to two different servers to handle: session Copy: Radio: In this way, any server keeps the […]

R language -random sampling W

Article Catalog Topic: Random sampling Simple and random sampling SAMPLE function SRSWOR function SRSWR function layered sampling There are many ways to extract samples from the overall. The most commonly used method is simple and random sampling. Simple and random sampling: From the overall capacity of n, nable N units as samples, so that each […]

Inventory: Have you ever used the equipment management system software in 2019?

For many companies, especially manufacturing, machine production is the most important and core part of the production line, so equipment management has become the foundation of enterprise management and is important. In the era of big data, traditional equipment management relies on artificial statistics, time -consuming and labor -intensive, and low efficiency. It has long […]

java -Why does Java&#8217;s generic type use &#8220;erase&#8221;

Preface in Javageneric, often calledpseudo -genre, the reason is because in the operation of the actual code, the information of the actual type parameters is removed(Type Erasure). So what caused Java to make such a compromise? Below I will lead everyone to understand the bitter past in the Java language designer. Before understanding Java “pseudo […]

VC Thinking deeply: I have to say a business in business!

▼Data Ape annual collection selection is in progress▼ Big Data Industry Innovation Service Media — Focusing Data · Change Business data ape official website | www.datayuan.cn Today’s Headline 丨 a little information 丨 Tencent 丨 Runhu 丨 NetEase 丨 Phoenix 丨 Ali UC Big Fish 丨 Sina Weibo 丨 Viewpoint 丨 Baidu Baijia 丨 Blog […]