MASK-RCNN for detection application

2023-01-23   ES  

Hardware platform: IMX6Q

kernel version: kernel3.0.35

Transplant to ARM board

1 download source codesqlite-3.6.16.tar.gz
2 Compile the source code and execute the following instructions
    cp sqlite-3.6.16.tar.gz  /home/liuhaobi/sqlite3
    tar -zxvf sqlite-3.6.16.tar.gz
    cd /home/liuhaobi/sqlite3/sqlite-3.6.16
    ./configure  –host=arm-linux  –prefix=/home/liuhaobi/sqlite3
    make install
After executing the above instructions, in/home/liuhaobi/sqlite3 will generate BIN, Include, lib folder
In order to prevent errors when copying the soft link file, the lib file is packaged and executed
    cd /home/liuhaobi/sqlite3
    tar  -zcvf   lib.tar.gz    lib/
3 Copy the executable file and library file to the ARM board
Copy the executable files in the bin file SQLite3 and lib.tar.gz to the SD card, insert the SD card into the development board, execute the following instructions
    cp  /sddisk/sqlite3  /bin
    cp  /sddisk/lib.tar.gz   /opt
    cd /opt
    tar   -zxvf   lib.tar.gz
    cp   lib/*   /lib  -rf
4 Test transplantation effect
execute SQLite3, and can enter the SQLite command line, that is, the transplantation is completed

Use C language to operate SQLite database

1 New database test.db
   sqlite3 *db = NULL;
2 Turn off the database test.db
3 database report error information output
4 New database table
   char *zErrMsg;
   char *sql = ” CREATE TABLE my_table (ID INTEGER PRIMARY KEY,SersorID INTE    GER,SiteNum INTEGER,Time VARCHAR(12),SensorParameter REAL);”;

5 Insert data
   sql = “INSERT INTO \”my_table\” VALUES(NULL,1,1,’20061685′,18.9)”;

6 query data
   int nrow = 0,ncolumn = 0;

char ** azresult; // The two -dimensional array is used to store results
   char *sql = “SELECT * FROM my_table”;

// Clear the buffer data
7 Delete data
    char *sql = “DELETE FROM my_table WHERE SersorID = 1;”;

8 Update data
   char *sql = “UPDATE my_table set SersorID = 5;”;

Specific instance can refer tosqlite3_test.tar
Executive order OpenDBSQLite-> Insert-> Query-> Delete-> Update
Note: When compiling, add the database path and header file path, otherwise an error will be reported
arm-linux-gcc  insert.c  -o  insert_arm  -lsqlite3  -I/home/liuhaobi/sqlite3/include  -L/home/liuhaobi/sqlite3/lib


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