Fast 4412 development board for Cortex-A9+Android video tutorials suitable for beginners


Recommended to beginnersARMLearning development boardiTOP-4412Elite Edition is equipped with SamsungExynosquad -core processor, equipped1GBmemory,4GBsolid -state hard diskEMMCStorage, with both fast reading and oversized capacity, exclusive with SamsungS5M8767Power management, rich interface, strong performance.

The handle of the hand -made full video lectures tailor -made for the development board’s beginner, non -network patch together, let the high -endARMDevelopment is as simple as a single film machine.

ARMdevelopment board-The discount package:

Package 1: iTop-4412 Elite Edition 498 yuan

Set 2: ITOP-4412 Elite Edition +4.3-inch screen 568 yuan

Package 3: iTop-4412 Elite Edition+7-inch screen 768 yuan

Package Four: ITOP-4412 Elite Edition+9.7-inch screen 1250 yuan

ARMDevelopment board-core board:

Size: 60mm*70mm

height: 0.26cm, including the connector

CPU Exynos4412, quad-core Cortex-A9, the main frequency is 1.4GHz-1.6GHz

memory: 1GB dual channel DDR3 (2GB option)

Storage: 4GB EMMC (16GB optional)

Power Management: Low power consumption dynamic Samsung S5M8767 power management, optimal architecture!

Working voltage: 2.65V-5.5V (Recommended 4.0V)

System support: Linux-QT/Android4.2/Ubuntu operating system

USB Host: Sheet is USB3503, which leads to high -performance HSIC and realizes 2 USB HOST output

2 2 expansion: 320 feet are led to meet the needs of users with various types of expansion

Running temperature: -25 degrees to +80 degrees, the equipment work is normal and runs well!

ARMLearning development board-bottom board:

Size: 110mm*190mm

SWITCH: power interface

Reset: 1 reset button

POWER: Electric DC power input interface, 5V/2A power input

TF Card: 1 Standard TF card interface

usb host: 2 road usb host, supports USB2.0 protocol


Ethernet port: 10m/100M adaptive network port

Phone: Support headset output

MIC: Support MIC input

serial port: 2 serial ports

A/D: 1 Road

User Key: 5 function keys

Dip Switch: 1

GPIO: 20pin (power and land)

Camera interface: 1 (can support 2 million and 5 million cameras)

wifi interface: 1

HDMI interface: Standard HDMI V1.4, 1080P HD resolution output

LCD interface: 3, 2 LVDS interfaces, 1 RGB interface

LCD power switch: 1

MIPI interface: 1

Real time clock: internal real -time clock, with a lithium -reserve lithium battery seat, the system time is not lost after power failure

Buzzer: 1 bee tweeter

jtag interface: 1

serial port, matrix keyboard, GPS interface: 1

ARMLearning development board-Software Resources:

latestAndroid 4.0.3 /Android 4.4

Linux + QtOperating system


Development board disc data includes: principle diagram (PDFformat), bottom boardPCB(Allegroformat), driver source code, chip andLCDData manual, development environment, product use manual.


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