Android Studio creates multiple Module (libraray) Android Studio to create a multi -Model directory under a folder


Each development project will introduce some third -party support libraries, and under Android Studio, they all have a project in the form of Module. The idea of pinching, that is:

Step as follows:
1. Create a new Extramodules folder in the project root directory
2. Drag these three module into the Extramodules folder
3. In setting.gradle, the original: moduleename to: extramodules: modelname, synchronize. Finish.

The final effect is as shown in the figure below:

Test, compile operation is fine!

Android Studio put multiple module in one directory

or settings

include 'ss_cece' // aliasesproject(':ss_cece').projectDir = new File('./modules/cece')

ceceReleaseCompile project(path: ':ss_cece', configuration: 'release')


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