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When using the webstorm to create a VUE project today, it prompts ‘git’ is not an internal command, and I am strange, because I use github to custody in code cloud. I was very dissatisfied, so I win+r into the CMD operation and input git. I found that there was no git command, very angry ~~~~.

Open Du Niang Google and find that git and github are different. Git is the command line hosting tool. GitHub is a visual tool, so in some aspects, Git is lightweight, and the speed will be fast. So, I will gohttps://git-scm.com/download/windownloaded git, and after the installation, I started the Baidu groping journey:


1. In the resource manager, enter the folder you want PUSH, right -click the mouse

 Click the arrow option.

2. Then the Git dialog box will pop up

This looks.

3. Enter the command

3.1 Git Status View the current status

When you forget which files you have modified, you can use Git Status to view the current state,

Red fonts display the files you modified.

3.2 git add. Or git add xxx

If your git Status checks the current status and finds that you have to modify the files, then you can submit it, then you can use git add. You can add all your content to the local GIT cache area

If you Git Status checks the current status and found that some files you don’t want to submit, then you can submit some files to the local Git cache area with the file link of the Git Add XXX (the file link in the red text in the figure above).

3.3 git commit -m “describes what do you do ???” Submit submitting to the file in the cache area through the Git ADD command

3.4 git push push up

git push will let you fill in your git account and password. Start executing push.

Here you will succeed. The code was pushed to the remote warehouse.


Okay, let’s talk about the problems you will encounter:

1. If you are installed after installing, you still prompt that Git is not an internal command to try the following methods:

When installing git, I chose “using the command line tool with git”, so the Git command was invalid in other terminals! Intersection Intersection


1. Re -installation and select the above figure into the second one.

2. It is more troublesome, but you don’t need to reinstall it.

1) Find the path of BIN in the Git installation on your computer. My installation is directly the next step, so my position is: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ git \ bin; The location of the Git-Core in the Git installation path, mine is: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ git \ libexec \ git-core

2) Configure system variables. Right-click “Computer”-> “Properties”-> “Advanced System Settings”-> “Environment variables”-> Find “PATH”-> Select “PATH” in the “System variable” below -> Copy the bin and git-core paths found in 1 to it-> determine and exit step by step.

2. When I used the Git Commit command, I made a VIM editor, as follows:

2.1 Input i, enter the INSERT input mode, enter the instructions at the top

2.2 After entering, press ESC, and the besh disappeared below

2.3 Input:wq, Enter. (Below below, lest you do not see :::: 🙂


This git is very easy to use and can perform other operations like CMD.


git common command:
display COMMAND’s helpgit help <command>
Submit the work file to the Git ADD <file>
Submit the modified content git commit “message”
Push the local owner to the remote Git Push -u <remoteName> <LocalBrachname>
clone remote warehouse git clone <url>
Initialized warehouse git init
Create a warehouse git remote add <lmotename> <url>
Delete the remote warehouse Git Remote RM <Name>
Modify the remote host name Git Remote Rename <lmotename> <newremotename>
Pull the remote warehouse Git Pull <remoteName> <LocalBrachname>
Modify the remote warehouse Git Remote Set-URL-Push <lmotename> <newURL>
Git Fetch <lmotename>
Update Git Fetch <lachname>


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