[Leveldb] Cache (18): BlockCache

2023-01-02   ES  

Service class

interface commondao class
public void saveOrUpdate(Object entity) throws Exception;

interface commondaoimpl class
public void saveOrUpdate(Object entity) throws Exception {


}catch(Exception e){

log.error (“Save or update error”, e);
throw e;


interface HibernateDao class
public void saveOrUpdate(Object obj) throws DAOException;

interface Hibernatedaoimpl class
public void saveOrUpdate(List list) throws DAOException {

for (int i = 0; i < list.size(); i++) {

if (list.get(i) == null) {

throw new DAOException(new NullPointerException(
“Hibernate instance to be updated is empty value”)));


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[Leveldb] Cache (18): BlockCache

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