Preparing for Double 11, I prepared 8W!


Hello everyone, I am a rookie brother.

Old readers should know that I will send readers Alibaba Cloud Server every year. Let you wait for a long time, this is not ready for Double Eleven, November Alibaba Cloud server activities are here again!

Then talk about something, I want to do things with everyone: White Piao Alibaba Cloud Server!

Last year, it was about the service of Bai Piao Alibaba Cloud. Originally, I only wanted to bring 300 readers to do things. I did not expect that I would surpass my budget at once, so I planned with you this year.

In order to this event, I will withdraw all my funds from the Alipay Fund,enough readers with 1000+ to participate in this white PIAO operation together, I am very grateful to the internal benefits of the Alibaba Cloud given by Bingda.

1. Why buy a server

Many classmates are curious. Why do I want to buy a cloud server? I have never considered this problem before. Later, I learned that if you haven’t played the server,Then your Python skill is still in the simulation, did not play in the war. With a server of your own, you can do a lot of things.

1. Build your own personal homepage

The above blog above is built with a pagoda interface built with+backstage with WordPress. Some people say what is the use of building a website,You can play the whole website out of the whole website. If you have your own personal homepage, I believe you are definitely a bonus item when you find a job. There is still gold content than the project on your githubEspecially the corresponding students, or students who participated in the autumn recruitment immediately

If you use Django to build a personal website, not only consolidate the knowledge of Python, but also learn from Django’s content, but also the installation of the server (such as MYSQL), adding Nginx knowledge with the server’s deployment, all sets of all sets of all sets of all sets of all sets of all sets of all sets The integration is connected.

2. Deploy your own quantitative robot

Everyone should know that we have shared a lot of quantitative scripts, including data analysis of funds and stocks, and many automated reptiles and robots, which can collect a lot of data and monitor some things.

These scripts cannot be placed on your personal computer. All are running on the server 24 hours. With a cloud server, you can run these scripts, and you can also play the Linux command at will.

Some classmates say that my school has a server. Why do you want to buy a personal person? The server of your school is public, and you are gone after you graduate. There is your own server to play at will.

3. Play to Linux

Linux operating system can be said to be a compulsory course for programmers. After there is a Linux system server, you can execute various Linux commands and deployment projects on the server to learn programming in a practical manner, which is more impressive.

At the same time, you can also learn all kinds of MySQL knowledge, practice SQL syntax, and learn very convenient to learn.

Whether you want to engage in algorithm, development, data analysis, quantitative transactions, or cyber crawlers, these are the essential foundations.

4. Hanging game

Yes, you read it right. I once rented a Windows cloud server separately, hanging my beloved game, continuously electricity for 24 hours, comfortable with thieves, and hanging up artifacts.

2. How to participate in this activity

During the event, there is a server 60 yuan/year. As long as you are a new user, and you buy the server through my link, I will return 60 yuan for everyone, so it is equivalent to buying the server for a year for a year for a year for a year Essence

and then go straight into the theme, you need to participate in this eventpay 5 yuan deposit, you can buy it in my WeChat shop.

After buying, you must find a small assistant to report

5 yuancan be returned to you after you buy the server, and then you can stillTake 5 yuan againReward, and a cashback server60 yuan. That is to say, you can buy a server and 5 yuan reward without spending a penny.

  • 5 yuan deposit refund

  • 60 yuan cash back to you

  • Reward to 5 yuan

After you buy this pre -sale qualification, add your assistant’s personal WeChat, I will pull everyone into the group. Number Note: Server

Dark number remarks: server

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