SpringBoot’s full -choice multi -selected counter -selection and deletion operation

2022-12-24   ES  

Last week, it was also analyzed to the national natural bid. If there is no hard background,Five articles (at least 1 area and 1 area) is the minimum requirement; It is expected that with the upgrade of the internal roll, there may be only 5 districts in the future.

Some netizens left a message saying: This “inner volume” extent will only force everyone to compete for a work;

Complaints and complaints, but the actual situation of scientific researchers is really difficult, especially when it is treated with scientific research topics, daily teaching, and even daily life. It is also necessary to eliminate the anxiety of colleagues. How to do it?

Xiaobian is committed to recommending the research field every weekProgress is smooth SCI & Ei good journal, high partition, the influence factors have risen steadily, and the quality of journals is stable, can be used as your focus. Recommended this issuecomputer field TOP journal, the details are as follows:

01 Intelligent IoT SCI & Ei (TOP)


【Introduction to Journal】IF:7.0-8.0,,JCR1 District, the Chinese Academy of Sciences District 2/1

[Search Situation]sci & ei dual inspection, main magazine, CCF recommendation

[Reference cycle]3 months hired

[Rebirth in the Draft]The application and combination of indoor navigation in the Internet of Things and WiFi can be

02 The impact factor rises steadily year by year

Source: Kori Wei’an official website, 2017-2021 influence factor changes,In the past 5 years, the increase is stable

03 The always -cited situation is stable, and the quality of the journal is guaranteed

Source: Kori Wei’an official website, 2017-2021 issue of published documents,There is a large increase in growth and the trend is stable

source: Letpub,Journal self -introduction rate is low

04 The proportion of publishing is friendly to Chinese people

Source: Kori Wei’an official website

Source: House of Scientific Researchers,Friendly to the Chinese

05 Journal submission and repairs, progress smoothly

Source: Journal Submission System,The first trial returned, the second instance was admitted, the rapid review, the progress was smooth

For more field review fast magazines, please refer to:[Journal Update] September SCI/SSCI/EI journals have been updated, newly increased waves, and highly recommended ~

→ unionpub academic:2022 The national naturally released, how to interpret the fund’s project results? (Inquiry method)

→ unionpub academic:2022 Country Nature List! Whether you win the bid or not, your most concerned question is here

→ unionpub academic:[Scientific research dry goods] How to recommend reviewers when submitting? (Specific precautions)

→ unionpub academic:[Scientific research dry goods] How to reply to the review opinion?

→ unionpub academic:[Research dry goods] SCI writing+submission full -stage template download

→ unionpub academic:[Good Journal of Employment] Only 16 days of employment in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the self -quotation rate is only 4.50%.

→ unionpub academic:[Research dry goods] From submission to sample and copyright processing process, the most complete explanation of international journal publishing house Elsevier

→ unionpub academic:[Scientific research dry goods] The most complete preparation materials before submission of academic papers (attached templates)

→ unionpub academic:[Research dry goods] How to correctly urge the manuscript? (Attachment)

→ unionpub academic:[Research Dry Store] JCR was officially released in 2022 (download of the impact factor list)

→ unionpub academic:[Research dry goods] open source journal OA = water magazine? Take you again

→ unionpub academic:[Published cases] 2 area of medical SCI, only 16 days of recruitment, see journal 27 days after recruitment


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SpringBoot’s full -choice multi -selected counter -selection and deletion operation

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