2021 Internet company’s hourly salary rankings are released! Microsoft and Meituan are strong!


Hello everyone, I am a rookie brother!

Today I share a reference for choosing a company: “Internet hourly salary”。

When we choose a company, we often pay more attention to total incomepackage(Except for the basic monthly salary, plus all other income, including but not limited to bonuses, dividends of stocks or shares, etc.).

However, the total income does not mean that the hourly salary is high, and the hourly salary is also a very, very important reference standard. It determines the compensation you get during the unit time.


-level level is based on the salary of different levels of engineers of major companies. I think it is a very good reference! It is worth sharing!

Note: The following data can only be used as a reference, and major companies are constantly improving the level of salary.

Data is derived from: Terminal benchmark address: https://duibiao.info/

Below is the text.

In view of the serious overtime overtime, we feel that we should develop a list of hourly salary to clarify the highest salary of which company. The following is our statistical results (Note: China’s lowest hourly salary is about 22 yuan):

How to calculate: We are based on primary, intermediate, senior, senior, and expert levels. According to the weekly work time of the large manufacturer, you can get the number of hours of working hours for 49 weeks (52 weeks a year, 2 weeks of annual holidays). The phase of the time salary ranking has released the salary ranking of the R & D post of Internet companies.

In order to ensure certain accuracy, some companies’ positions are not included in the ranking because they are submitted too much salary.

The data source of the

list is the salary submission of the salary on the tag. Data processing once a week to generate this ranking.

Note: The lunch break is based on two hours, without being included in working hours

junior engineer’s hourly salary ranking

Usually 0-2 years of work experience


Intermediate Engineer Time Salary Ranking

Usually 3-5 years of work experience


Senior engineer time salary ranking

Usually 5+ year of work experience


Senior engineer time salary ranking

Usually 8+ year of work experience


Experts/architects’ hourly salary rankings

Usually 10+ year of work experience



From the statistics above, it can be seen:

  • Microsoft and Pinduoduo’s hourly salary is very capable of junior, intermediate, and senior engineers.

  • Meituan, Ali, Tencent, bytes, Baidu’s senior, senior, and expert engineers’ hourly salary is very capable.

Source: javaguide

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