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DSN English: Date Source name, data source name.

It is set in ODBC and used to connect the database, which can be divided into the previous three: 
User DSN:and can only be accessed by the current user,Data source is local for computers   
system DSN:Store in the ODBC storage area,Data source is also local for computers
File DSN:Store in a text file,Data source is also local for computers, and you can access it through the Internet


ODBC (Open Database Interconnection):is an early database interface technology introduced by Microsoft.

OLEDB (object link and embedded database):Located between ODBC layers and applications.

OLEDBis a strategic system -level programming interface of Microsoft to manage data in the entire organization. OLEDB is an open norm based on the ODBC function. ODBC is developed for access to the relationship -type database, and OLEDB is used to access relations and non -relational information sources.

 C:/Program Files/Common Files/ODBC

It is worth noting that Ole DB’s compatibility with ODBC allows OLE DB to access the existing ODBC data source. Its advantages are obvious. Because ODBC is more common than Ole DB, the ODBC driver that can be obtained is more than Ole DB. In this way, you don’t have to get the OLE DB driver, you can immediately access the original data system.

ODBC connection
MSSQL server   “Driver={sql server};server=servername;database=dbname;uid=sa;pwd=pass;”

 OLEDB connection

MS SQL Server   “Provider=SQLOLEDB;data source=machinename;initial catalog=dbname;userid=sa;password=pass;”

Create ODBC data source:

Click "Start" - "Settings" - "Control Panel" - "Management Tools" to find. 
 Then click the system dsn-then click-then select SQL Server-and write the ODBC name-then write a. Point-the next step-then select the database name you want to use. Then create it-after the creation, test whether the connection is successful first


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vs Foundation Mission failed. MSB4018CA

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