Simulation signal Discuss in-depth transmission distance of 4-20mA current signal

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First introduce the tools that can be packaged Python code:

  • py2exe: This is the most well -known, but it seems that it is not suitable for novice. It requires various libraries. It is tedious to use and not recommended.
  • pyinstaller: It can only generate a separate executable program. The latest version is 3.2.1 Stable, SUPPORTS Python 2.7, 3.3–3.7. You can customize icons. Cross -platform, good compatibility.

  • cx_Freeze :
    This packaging quality is very good and the operation is simple. The disadvantage is that it cannot produce separate executable files. As a result, the EXE file is submerged in many files, and it looks not tall.

  • The following introduces the specific steps to pack the py file of Tkinter into the EXE file with Pyinstaller:

    Method 1:

  • 1: Download pyinstaller

  • pip install pyinstaller

    After the installation is successful, it will be displayed under the Python/Scripts folder called “Pyinstaller.exe” command file.

    2: Put the PY file to be packaged in the Scripts of the Python installation path.

    Note that scripts placed various third -party expansion packages of Python, here Pyinstaller.exe is here.

    3: Packing EXE program


  • 1. Under the CMD environment into the road path of the SCRIPTS folder;

  • 2. Enter instructions Packing: pyinstaller -f **. PY

  • y python3.7.2, win7, pyinstaller3.4 Install the execution of the generated EXE file and open the error. Essence Essence Essence

  • Method 2: You can use the development board Pyinstall to solve the problem. download link:

  • 1. After downloading and decompression, enter this folder through the CMD terminal to execute:

    python install

    2. Then the terminal execution (this is performed under the path path of the pyinstall file):

    python -F F:\python_code_test\

    3. The parameter description in the middle of the common command:

    -w instruction: The EXE application with an EXE application with command line debugging windows can be blocked in the instruction. 
     -F instructions: Pay attention to the instructions to distinguish the case. Here is a capital. Using -f instructions can pack the application into an independent EXE file, otherwise it is a folder with various DLL and dependent files


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Simulation signal Discuss in-depth transmission distance of 4-20mA current signal

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