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java's url encoding 

 Let's first look at what codes are? 

 The ASCII code is a type of encoding. 

 Use UTF-8 encoding, which requires 3 byte encoding, which will become 0xe4b8ad
Then let's take a look at what is URL encoding? 

 The URL encoding is the encoding of the browser when sending data to the server. Our address bar can see the URL
What is the code of the URL? 

 First of all, uppercase letters A to Z, lowercase letters A to Z, 0 to 9, and.-*remain unchanged, while other characters are expressed by hexadecimal starting from a percentage number, 

 For example, less than the number <represented by%3C, and the Chinese characters are represented by%E4%B8%AD, his encoding corresponds to the hexadecimal of UTF encoding, 0xe4b8ad
Package com.learn.securl; 


  * Let's demonstrate how to use URL encoding 
  * @author leon.sun 
 public class securldemo { 

 Public Static Void Main (String [] args) Throws Exception { 
 String original = "url parameter"; 
 * First of all, we use the urlencoder.encode method to encode a string 
 * At the same time, you need to specify the character set encoding UTF-8 
 String encoded = urlencoder.encode (Original, "UTF-8"); 
 * URL+%E5%8F%82%E6%95%B0 
 * Through the results we can see, 
 * The English letters remain unchanged, and the space will become++ 
 * Chinese will become a percentage number hexadecimal 
 * A Chinese is usually 3 bytes after the UTF8 coding 
 * So there are 6 hexadecim encoding beginning with 6 percentage numbers 
 * In addition, we must pay attention, Java's urlencoder 
 * The coding standards of the URL, 
 * Slightly different 
 * Spaces are encoded as plus numbers 
 * And the current URL standard requires the space encoding to be a percentage number 20 
 * But the general server 
 System.out.println (Encoded); 
 * If we want 
 * We can implement it through the urlDEcoder.decode method 
 String Ori = New String (urlDecode.decode (encoded, "UTF-8"); 
 * URL parameter 
 System.out.println (ori); 
1. URL encoding is an encoding algorithm, not an encryption algorithm, 

 2. The purpose of the URL encoding is to encode any text data as a text represented by a percentage number. The encoded text only contains a lowercase letter a-z, a-z,, 

 0-9, -_.*,%, Is to facilitate browsers and server processing


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