Front -end HTML framework (frameset) usage detailed analysis

2023-01-12   ES  

(Transfer) Solution Apparent DEADLOCK !!! Creating Emergency Threads for Unassigned Pending Tas
Original Source:

recently migrated the project to weblogic to run, the result has been reported an error, and the error message has been reported:
APPARENT DEADLOCK!!! Creating emergency threads for unassigned pending tasks!

Check it online. Most netizens analyzed it caused by C3P0. I modified the parameters of my project based on the parameters given by netizens. The original content is as follows:

Recently in the application of the production environment, after the system restarted, it hung up after running for a day. This is the same every day. I have always been very stable before. I read the error reported by the log:

[12-28 02:07:19,953] WARN [Timer-8] | com[email protected]4acfc57a — APPARENT DEADLOCK!!! Complete Status: 

Next is:

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded 

This problem has been done for several days, and later found that it was a C3P0 problem. Here is a record:

Original C3P0 parameters are as follows:

   <property name=”maxPoolSize” value=”10″/> 

   <property name=”minPoolSize” value=”3″/> 

   <property name=”maxIdleTime” value=”180″ /> 

The parameters of the C3P0 after modifying are as follows:

   <property name=”maxPoolSize” value=”30″ /> 

   <property name=”minPoolSize” value=”10″ /> 

   <property name=”maxIdleTime” value=”1800″ /> 

   <property name=”maxStatements” value=”0″ /> 

   <property name=”initialPoolSize” value=”10″ /> 

   <property name=”idleConnectionTestPeriod” value=”1800″ />


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Front -end HTML framework (frameset) usage detailed analysis

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