java Learning Diary 8: The implementation of the file upload tool class and the server send pictures to the client Sleepat



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In a word, summarize many newcomers rightmirror imageand withcontainer“Confusion”:

download is a mirror, and the container runs.

Main command

command usage case parameters
run Start/Create a mirror -t: Binded pseudo -end
-i: Standard input
-d: Run in the background and will not stop immediately
--name: Newly created container aliases
--mount: Mount the host directory, there istype,source,readonlyattribute
-P Random map port to the internal network port
-p Specify the mapping port docker run -it -p 80:80/tcp ... ip:hostPort:containerPort: Map
exec Start a mirror of existence
diff View change docker diff webcontainer
commit Paste the current container and solidify into a mirror image –author
history View container history
container Related operation of the container docker container start start: Start
restart: Restart
stop: Stop
rm Delete the container of the termination state docker container rm ...
prune Delete all containers that terminate the state docker container prune
ps View container docker ps -a -a: All containers
-l: The container of surviving state
exec Enter the container
attach Enter the container,exitExit and stop
build Construct a container Docker Build [Options] <Steent context path/url/-> -: Refers to obtained from the standard input stream
image Mirror -related operation docker image rm ...: Delete...mirror image Delete will remove the label according to the situation, and then delete it layer by layer
inspect View details of a container docker inspect ...
port View port binding of a container docker port nginx 5000
export Export container is a local file docker export 12345 > 12345.tar
import Import container from local files docker import url newName
network docker network related docker network create -d bridge netName: Create onenetNamenetwork

Important concept

Concept name Explanation
mirror image Similar to system installation files
container Based on mirror, actual operation
Makefile Files used to automatically generate containers

command parameters, use cases


  • run
  • *

Message CenterDockerEnvironment


2. Delete the intermediate process 
     3. Maximum layer 
     4.SCrach virtual mirror
command Example Explanation
RUN Run the specified command, each execution generates a new layer
COPY Copy <Source Road> ... <Target Path>
Copy ["Source Road 1>", ... "Target Path>" "]
Copy file to the specified location; relative tocontextpath

Installation environment


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java Learning Diary 8: The implementation of the file upload tool class and the server send pictures to the client Sleepat

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