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2023-01-11   ES  

Announce IPFS incentive layer virtual machine (FVM)

ipfs The goal of the virtual machine incentive layer is—Use the households to deploy their own smart contracts on the IPFS incentive layer blockchain!

FVM brings the general programming and compatibility of the IPFS incentive layer blockchain.

The participants of the

Filecoin Orbit are the first batch of people in the world to understand FVM, its vision, thousands of opportunities it will unlock, its implementation roadmap, and how to join the action.

green IPFS incentive layer

ipfs Incentives Storage provider is a leading position in constructing verified environmental sustainable blockchains?

IPFS Incentives Ecosystem’s main interests, including Dr. Alan Ransil, the head of Juan Benet, Filecoin Green project, Harald Vranken, associate professor of computer science at Radboud University, and many others discussed this issue and revealed the IPFS incentive environment environment. Sustainable approach.

Juan said: “Don’t be satisfied with zero -the IPFS incentive layer is available and should be aimed at 10 times green, and the net carbon emissions should be -1000.”

We are planning activities, gifts and other support to make the IPFS incentive layer can be verified to the environment and track environmental impact on the entire network.

Join # Fil-Green on Filecoin Slack to become the first person to discover new opportunities, or tell us what you think you need to build in this space on Github.

CryptoComputelab proved release version 10.0

CryptoComputelab is very proud to publish Proofs V10.0.0! There have been many changes in this version, but it is finally attributed to the additional GPU support options and better performance in the proof process.

The highlights of the less obvious highlight include integrating some of our internal dependencies. These dependencies start from the branches of other projects to the upper source.

This tool update has several benefits, including the divergence of our code over time, optimization from the upstream source, and making future updates (such as HALO2 work) more realistic.

Flow Blockchain’s official storage layer

ipfs incentive layer is now the official storage layer of the Flow blockchain. As the Flow metastasis becomes more open, strong and decentralized, it provides support for platforms, developers and users.

This technology integration will accelerate the end -to -end ownership of NFT and the relevant media assets related to it, and establish decentralized data storage on Flow.


WASM ipld

Under ipfs is a system called IPLD. It processs IPFS to store data on the chain and create hash links (we regard it as content ID (CID)) all of the heavy tasks. In the most basic form, the planetary link data (IPLD) is a data layer built on IPFS. It creates a series of data links, but also allows users to create these links by the simple data structure that can be stored on IPFS.

During Filecoin Orbit, Steven Allen practiced iPLD and WASM, and how they co -provided to provide motivation for the newly released IPFS incentives virtual machines.

Storage supplier

ipfs Incentive layer textile auction

From next week, Textile’s Filecoin Deal Auctions will award 250fil prizes to the most reputable storage providers within two weeks.

Storage provider can participate in trading auctions by running a lightweight client called Bidbot. So far, the storage provider using the system has won and stored more than 200tib.



On September 28, 20 teams participated in the demonstration day hosted by Filecoin Launchpad Accelerator, an operation of TACHYON.

Part of the

Demonstration Day includes a speech from 5 Defi projects. Hedgey Finance is an agreement that adds options to any token.

TAMAGO Finance is a DEFI protocol that makes synthetic tokens widely distributed in the Asian real world market.

SmartFunds is a simple, automated and compliant fund management tool.

CLAM Islands uses blockchain, NFT, and output agriculture to provide motivation for investment gaming.

BOTO is an online no code platform that allows users to build robots from performing online tasks.

FOREST joined the IPFS incentive layer main network

CHAINSAFE created Filecoin Rust client Forest officially launched the main online online!Bring multiple client diversity for the IPFS incentive layer network. Some thanks to the completion of the Sigma Prime review and the completion of several MVP functions. We are finally ready to let the developers install, run and test our client.

How can you participate?

Run and test our software. Provide us with feedback on chainsafe github and discord. We will soon release a product survey, and you will have the opportunity to shape the future and vision of Forest. stay tuned.

Twitter space -Polygon and Consensys. Application of FileCoin Launchpad Accelerator III, which is supported by TACHYON, is now open.

If you are an ambitious team and want to build a decentralized and transparent future, apply immediately.

Are there any questions about the accelerator? At 12:00 pm on Friday, November 5th at the Eastern Standard time on the Eastern United States, they were answered on the open day/AMA hosted by Tachyon.


It happens to participate in the leading annual NFT event in New York City? The same is true of nft.storage!

Cooperate with POAP, nft.storage and others are scattered in the entire city -viewing the website to learn how to participate.

Please be sure to listen to Jonathan Victor, the head of nft.storage at 3:30 pm on Tuesday, November 2, Eastern Time, Jonathan Victor. Your NFT is safe and accessible. See it there!

web3 jam and ethglobal

web3 jam’s application is now open!

On November 12, joined the Ethglobal and Filecoin communities. They gathered virtual collectives such as creative creative personnel, engineers, and builders to carry out two weeks of hackers, focusing on decentralized media, Web3 and NFT.

Now I have the opportunity to win a prize of up to $ 75,000 or more, get the opportunity to get the mentor in the ecosystem of the agreement laboratory, and start your future web3 project.

Building ecology

BUIDL IT is India’s largest Web 3.0/blockchain hacker marathon, which aims to promote India’s web3 development and talent. It is the perfect platform for you to change jobs from Web2 and start your web3 journey and show your innovative ideas.

Polygon is the leading Ethereum expansion solution -built by developers as developers.

Whether it is DEFI, game, NFT or any other use cases, Polygon can allow you to build an excellent user experience, expand your DAPP and cover millions of users.



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