Uiapplication detailed explanation

2022-12-20   ES  

  1. Set the routepropsparameters
  2. Use in the componentpropsreceivingparamsparameter
// Set as true
const router = new VueRouter({
  routes: [{
    path: '/user/:id',
    component: User,
    props: true

// Back with a function
const router = new VueRouter({
  routes: [{
    path: '/user/:id',
    component: User,
    props: (route) => ({
      id: route.query.id

>>> .el-image {

/deep/ .el-image {

<input type="text" @input="inputHandler('hello', $event)" />

this.$emit('method', 'value')

    <child @hook:mounted="listenMounted" />

emm … I have always put the ID of the listener in the data, but I just used it once when destroyed, so I can write it like this:

const timer = setInterval(method, 1000)

this.$once('hook:beforeDestroy', function () {

import Vue from 'vue'
import Message from './Message.vue'

// Constructor class
let MessageConstructor = Vue.extend(Message)
// instantiated components
let messageInstance = new MessageConstructor()
// $ Mount can be passed into the selector string, indicating that it is mounted to the selector
// If the selector is not passed into the element outside the document, you can imagine the document.createElement () to generate DOM in memory
// MessageInstance. $ EL Get the DOM element


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Uiapplication detailed explanation

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