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1. Spark Summit renamed the name?
2. Which famous enterprise applications arespark clusters?
3.Spark Summit’s related videos and PPT where can I download it?

Since the first summit in 2013, Spark Summits has become the world’s largest large -scale data activity that focuses on Apache Spark. Professional training for open training. In addition, thousands of people have learned how SPARK, big data, machine learning, data engineering, and data sciences provide new opinions for global enterprises and institutions.

Now Spark wants to further explore how Spark and AI jointly shape the field of cognitive computing, and how AI creates new opportunities in business through innovative cases. Spark Summit has been renamed SPARK + AI Summit and focused on it to all aspects of AI: fromself -drivingvoice#image recognition, and fromSmart chat robotand newDeep learning frameworkand technology to high -efficiency machine learning algorithms, models and distributed learning methods in visual, speech, deep learning and scale.

Apache Spark is a powerful open source processing engine, based on speed, easy -to -use and complex analysis. It was launched at the University of California in 2009 and is now developed by the Apache Software Foundation independent of the supplier. Since its release, Spark has been widely used in companies in various industries. Internet giants such as Yahoo, eBay and Netflix have deployed Spark on a large scale,Data from PB on a cluster of more than 8,000 nodes processed PB data. Apache Spark has also become the largest big data open source community. From250Multiple organizations exceed1000A contributor.

Spark Summs is held every year, and everyone likes to download related videos and PPT. So where are these videos and PPT official website download, the following is a detailed introduction.

First enter the following URL:
We see the following icon:

Then we drop down and see the following


Click, the currently is this website:

We see the picture below, you can search for videos and PPTs every year, and you can search for related classifications and authors

For example, we search for the latest PPT and videos this year
All videos and PPTs in 2018, as shown in the figure below


I believe that everyone has learned here, and you can download the relevant PPT when you go in.

I only downloaded the related PPT of Spark AI here. There are 19 related information of AI. Only 15 are downloaded here. Some videos may not have PPT.

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If you need more PPT and videos to leave a message.


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Android 4.0.x Browser does not trigger the solution of the onTouchend event Zoewang

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