Release version of Strlen’s backup inner cooperation

2023-01-16   ES  

  • Set Chrome Open Properties: –Rgs-Disable-WEB-Security-User-Data-Dir
  • Open chrome, the top page appears security prompts, indicating that the setting is successful
  • For webstorm, you can also set the browser to open the attribute

  1. Create a new directory on the computer, for example: D: \ MyChromedeVUSERDATA
  2. Open the attribute settings

    The value of--disable-web-security --user-data-dir=D:\MyChromeDevUserData--user-data-diris the new directory just built.

  3. Open Chrome to observe the prompt “-disable-weight-three” related prompts ”

    After the

  4. cross -domain success, the homepage was replaced by the Google Welcomer page. At the same time, the original collection of links and historical records were gone, and D: \ MychrometVUSERDATA directory generated new personal information -related files.


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Release version of Strlen’s backup inner cooperation

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