TREEMAP is sorted according to Key and Value

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 1. If the database is configured with automatic storage management (ASM), you should first delete the concentration synchronous service CSS (Cluster Synchronization Services). The method of deleting the CSS service is to execute the following commands under the DOS command: LocalConfig Delete
2. Stop all the services of Oracle in the “Service” window.
3. Select the “Program”/”Oracle-ORADB10G_HOME1″/”Oracle Installation Products”/”Universal Installer” in the “Start” menu, open the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) window, click “Uninstall Products”, select the “Uninstalled Product”, select the selection. To delete Oracle products, delete.
4, if so, delete automatic storage management (ASM) and execute it under DOS:
  oracle –delete –asmsid +asm
5. Run the RegEdit command, open the registry window, delete the content related to Oracle:

Delete HKEY_CLASSSES_ROT directory all the bonds based on ORA, Oracle, ORCL, or Enumora as prefix.
Among them, some registry items may have been deleted when uninstalled Oracle.
Delete the value of Oracle in Path and ClassPath in the environment variable.
Delete all Oracle groups and icons in “Start”/”Program”.
Delete all the directory related to Oracle, including:
C:/Program Files/Oracle Directory
Oracle_base directory.
C:/Documents and Settings/System User Name/LocalSettings/Temp directory.
Delete HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/ODBC/ODBCINST.INI All Oracle key except Microsoft Odbc For Oracle Registry.
6. Restart the computer


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TREEMAP is sorted according to Key and Value

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