Record once Elastic-JOB Faber Query and Basic Concept understanding

2023-01-19   ES  

DISC (default) small black dots 2.Circle small white dots 3.Square small black block

<ul type = "circle"> 
     <li> List 1 </li> 
     <li> List 2 </li> 

1. Interaction (default value)
2. Large (small) writing letter a \ b \ c … 3. Roman letters of the case: II …/II III

<ol type = "i"> 
     <li> List 1 </li> 
     <li> List 2 </li> 

Definition list Start serial number: not as the first item is not the number 1, but starting from 10

<ol start = "10"> 
     <li> List 1 </li> 
     <li> List 2 </li> 

     <li> List 1 </li> 
     <li> List 2 </li> 
     <li value = "8"> List 3 </li> 
     <li> List 4 </li> 
     <li> List 5 </li> 

custom list composition: consist of DL definition list, DT definition list item, DD definition list content

     <DT> List Project 1 </dt> 
         <DD> List Item 1 content or description ++++++++++++++++++++++ </dd> </dd> 
     <DT> List Project 2 </dt> 
         <DD> List Item 2 Content or Description ++++++++++++++++++++ </dd> </dd> 
     <DT> List Project 3 </dt> 
         <DD> List Item 3 content or description ++++++++++++++++++++++ </dd> </dd> 


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Record once Elastic-JOB Faber Query and Basic Concept understanding

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