HOMEBREW Uninstall: FaiLED to Locate Homebrew! Wrong Flyinginthe


Local installation Mysql8.0.12 uses Navicatl 12 to report an error. The error is as follows:

Many methods on the Internet are to add to the My.ini file


I know that some people are okay, but my error reports

and then need to modify the My.ini file

Last line plus SKIP-GRANT-Tables

and then continue to report an error: ERROR 2003 (Hy000): Canon to make to mysql server on ‘localhost’ (10061). That is, the MySQL service cannot be started, which causes the problem to solve the problem

——————————————- Simple Dividing line———————————————— ————

Talk about the reasons for the above problems:

Modified .ini files could not be recognized, so the modification was unreasonable (on my computer), and then I chose to reinstall mysql. In fact, it is not necessary to modify the My.ini file)

———————————————- Simple division Line 2 ———————————————————————————————————————————————– ———–


Turn off mysql first

net  stop mysql

Directly modify the My.ini file and change it to the following form

———————————————— —three———————————————- ———————————————————–

# Set port 3306
# Set the installation directory of mysql
basedir=D:\\Program Files\\MySQL\\mysql-8.0.12-winx64
# Set the data storage directory of the data of mysql database
datadir=D:\\Program Files\\MySQL\\mysql-8.0.12-winx64\\Data
# Allow the maximum number of connections
# Allow the number of failed connections. This is to prevent someone from trying to attack the database system from this host
# The character set used by the server defaults to UTF8
# The default storage engine used when creating a new table
# “MySQL_NATIVE_PASSWORD” plug -in authentication
# Set mysql client default character set
# Set the port of the default use when the MySQL client is connected to the server

———————————————————————————————- ———-Four————————————— ———————————————————–

Delete the data folder


net start mysql

MySQLD -Initialize -Console // Initialize the database, and remember the password

will give a random password (I believe you can see it at a glance, I forget the screenshot) But that password must be remembered


Then you can connect to navicat …


I have to admit that I have made myself. I have re -installed mysql, but I really feel that I can solve the problem. I hope that every blogger can solve the problem. Welcome everyone to feedback the problem! Intersection Intersection Intersection

After the re -installed MySQL link,

Follow this installation again ^_ ^!!!



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HOMEBREW Uninstall: FaiLED to Locate Homebrew! Wrong Flyinginthe

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