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On the morning of May 31st, the founder and CEO of the ArcBlock block cornerstone, Gu Zhihong attended the Developerweek Seattle: CloudEdition[1]“Seattle Developer Week: Cloud Computing Topic”, participated in the theme discussion hosted by Justin Wu from the blockchain opinion from CoinState, and exchanged and discussed the blockchain from T-Mobile, Consensys Diligence, NEO’s blockchain colleagues Cases and trends brought by cloud computing.

round table discussion full video

debut Developerweek Seattle explores blockchain and cloud computing | ArcBlock trailer

On the afternoon of June 1st, the founder and CEO of the ArcBlock block cornerstone Gu Zhihong attended the “2019 Seattle International Youth Development Summit” hosted by the Overseas Youth Chinese Association. The year of the Internet and blockchain entrepreneurial experience.

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from Microsoft, Amazon and other top 100 companies, investors, and CEOs of startups attended the summit to conduct in -depth discussions and exchanges on the leadership and influence of overseas Chinese, workplace selection and advantages, and youth entrepreneurship.

The organizer “Overseas Youth Chinese Association” is a non -profit organization registered in Washington, USA. The headquarters is located in Seattle. It is committed to building the growth platform of young leaders and creating the world’s most vibrant and influential Chinese young leaders.

As a blockchain leading company headquartered in Seattle, the ArcBlock block cornerstone actively supports the participation of high -tech and exchanges in the field of high -tech and entrepreneurial investment in Seattle, Washington, and even the Pacific of the Northwest, and serves as the Washington State Technology Industry Association in the United States The founding director of the Blockchain Council actively promoted the popularization and implementation of blockchain technology in the United States and global.


[1] DeveloperWeek Seattle: CloudEdition:

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Android open source animation library Nineoldandroids

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