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maven: So first of all, it is a JAR package dependency management tool, including the project cleaning, compilation testing, packing, deployment, etc.
In the traditional JAR package management, the programmer needs to download the corresponding jar package from the Internet, and then manually import it into the project. With the increasing development of software, the JAR of the software has become extremely complicated. If managed by man managed, it will be a time -consuming task. Maven is convenient for this process, so that you can directly pull the relevant JAR package from its remote warehouse to the local, that is, the automatic management of the jar package.

(1) First of all, Maven is a lightweight open source project. Its installation is also very simple. Download the compressed package directly from the official website and decompress it locally. It should be noted that there is no Chinese on the path.

(2) Add a system variable, take me as an example
key: maven_home
value: D: \ Program Files (X86) \ Apache-Maven-3.5.0

(3) Test whether MAVEN is successfully installed: Open the command line input MVC -V directly. If the information of the version number is output, it means that there is no problem, otherwise check the path settings.

IDEA is an integrated development environment. If you need to use Maven, you only need to provide Maven’s path to IDEA.
Make sure that Maven Home Directory and Settings File are correct.

When the above two parts were executed, I found that the IDEA reported an error

Unable to import maven project: See logs for details
View logs get a error
No implementation for org.apache.maven.model.path.PathTranslator was bound.

Through a blog post on the Internet, I found that the Maven version I installed was not compatible with the current JDK version. I chose to reinstall a version lower 3.5.0, and the final problem was resolved.
Reference blog post


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Web Development | Hibernate -01.Hibernate Frames Overview Cheat

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