[python] [Original] OpenCV reads the camera or video template code


MyBatis-GENARATOR reverse project implementation specific steps




The above three files are placed on the SRC in the project directory after running the command after F5 refresh


<? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> 
 <! Doctype GeneratorConfiguration 
   Public "-// mybatis.org/dtd mybatis generator configuration 1.0 // en" 
   "http://myBatis.org/dtd/myBatis- Generator- config_1_0.dtd"> 
 <!-Database driver-> 
     <classpathentry location = "mysql-confor-java-5.1.7-bin.jar"/> 
     <context id = "db2tables" targetruntime = "mybatis3"> 
             <property name = "support" value = "true"/> 
             <!-Whether to remove automatic generating comments True: Yes: false: No-> 
             <propoperty name = "supportComments" value = "true"/> 
         <!-Database link URL, username, password-> 
         <jdbcconnection driveclass = "com.mysql.jdbc.driver" connectionURL = "jdbc: mysql: //" userid = "root" password = "root"> 
             <property name = "Forcebigdecimals" value = "false"/> 
         <!-Generate the package name and location of the model-> 
         <javamodELGENATOR TARGETPACKAGE = "com.ma.model" targetProject = "src \ main \ java"> 
             <property name = "enablesubpackages" value = "true"/> 
             <propoperty name = "trimstrings" value = "true"/> 
         <!-Generate the package name and location of the mapping file-> 
         <sqlmapgenrator targetPackage = "com.ma.mapping" targetproject = "src \ main \ java"> 
             <property name = "enablesubpackages" value = "true"/> 
         <!-Generate the package name and location of DAO-> 
         <javaclientGenerator type = "xmlmapper" targetPackage = "com.ma.Dao" targetproject = "src \ main \ java"> 
             <property name = "enablesubpackages" value = "true"/> 
         <!-The table tableename to generate the name or view name of the database Dom ArinObjectName is the physical class name-> 

TARGETPROJECT is written that the relative path may not be added in front of the project name.

Open the console project in Eclipse right-click-> Show in —> Terminal

When the above is completed, you only need to open the console, enter and and andThe three files added in the first stepIn the same level, execute scripts

Java -jar mybatis-generator-core-1.3.2.jar -configfile generatorConfig.xml –overwrite

Try to remove –OverWrite:Java -jar mybatis-generator-core-1.3.2.jar -configfile generatorConfig.xml 

appears below, it is successful


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[python] [Original] OpenCV reads the camera or video template code

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