In the Vue project, realize the function of closing the browser before the browser, FELIX

2023-01-14   ES as an example,


<asp:DataGrid ID=”MyDataGrid” runat=”server”></asp:DataGrid>


Assuming that Students is a database name, score is the table name

SqlConnection myConnection = new SqlConnection(“server=(local);database=students;Trusted_Connection=yes”);   

// Create a new SQL connection object. The connection string of this connection is server = (local); database = students; trusted_connection = yes, indicating that the database is locally students, using Windos verification trust connection connection connection

SqlDataAdapter myCommand = new SqlDataAdapter(“select * from score”, myConnection);   
// Create a SQL data adapter. This adapter is connected with the data defined earlier, and the selection command is to execute the select * from score

DataSet ds = new DataSet();   
// Create a DataSet, fill the results of the SELECT * from score query with the Fill method of the data adapter

There is a DataGrid object on the


page that sets the data source of the DataGrid object to DataSet and binds data

link: GridView Detailed Explanation (Very Complete, Classic)


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In the Vue project, realize the function of closing the browser before the browser, FELIX

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