C ++ BFS Seeking the shortest path

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IE defines its onResize incident under the Window object. When the taste is reduced, its OnResize method will be executed many times, and the number of specific execution has different values in different computers. There is no such phenomenon. For details, please refer to this article《window.onresize hangs IE6 and IE7》

High -level function Debonce is born for this

  * Window.onResize under IE can use Debonce packaging monitoring functions 
  * See http://blog.csdn.net/fudesign2008/article/details/7035537 
  * @Author[email protected]* @date 2011-11-30 
  * @time 04:02:55 afternoon 

  * @param {function} callback callback function 
  * @param {Integer} Delay delay time, the unit is milliseconds (MS), default 150 
  * @param {Object} Context context, that is, the object of this keyword point of this, defaults to NULL 
  * @Return {function} 
 function defborance (callback, delay, context) {{ 
     If (Typeof (Callback)! == "Function") {{ 
     delay = delay || 150; 
     context = context || null; 
     var timeout; 
     var ranit = function () { 
 Callback.apply (context); 
    Return (function () { 
         Window.Cleartimeout (timeout); 
         timeout = window.settimeout (runit, delay); 
 var Winresizehandler = Function (Event) { 
 console.log ("Window Resized"); 

 Window.snresize = Debonce (Winresizehandler, 300);

Very good solution


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C ++ BFS Seeking the shortest path

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