Android NDK JNI development Nelem cmake


1.App Build Gradle configuration

In Android’s DEFAULTCONFIG domain for the following configuration

Externalnativebuild { 
     cmake { 
         cppflags "" "" 
         // Generate multiple versions of so files 
         Abifilters 'Armeabi-V7a' 

In the Android domain, the following configuration

Externalnativebuild { 
     cmake { 
         PATH "SRC/main/cpp/cmakelists.txt" // Set the C source code position to be written, and the name of the SO file after compilation 
         version "3.10.2" 

2.cmakelist.txt configuration

cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.4.1)

add_library( # Sets the name of the library.

             # Sets the library as a shared library.


             # Provides a relative path to your source file(s).

find_library( # Sets the name of the path variable.

              # Specifies the name of the NDK library that
              # you want CMake to locate.
              log )
target_link_libraries( # Specifies the target library.

                       # Links the target library to the log library
                       # included in the NDK.

3.c file implementation

#include <jni.h> 
 #include <assert.h> 
 #include <string.h> 
 #include <pthread.h> 
 #include <nistd.h> 
 #include <Android/log.h> 

 #Define tag "hello" 
 #Define logv (...) __android_log_print (android_log_verbose, tag, __va_args__) 
 #Define logd (...) __android_log_print (android_log_debug, tag, __va_args__) 
 #Define logi (...) __android_log_print (android_log_info, tag, __va_args__) 
 #Define logw (...) __ANDROID_LOG_PRINT (Android_log_warn, Tag, __va_ARGS__) 
 #Define Loge (...) __ANDROID_LOG_PRINT (Android_log_error, Tag, __va_ARGS__) 

 #Ifndef Nelem 
 #Define NELEM (a) (SIZEOF (a)/SIZEOF (a [0])) 
 static javavm* g_jvm; 

 // jstring jnicall 
 // java_com_example_myApplication_MAINACTITY_STRINGFROMJNI ( 
 // jnienv *ENV, 
 // jobrz/ * this */) {) { 
 // char* hello = "Hello from c ++"; 
 // Return (*ENV)-> Newstringutf (ENV, Hello); 

 Jstring StringFromjni 
 // jnienv *ENV = NULL; 
 // // g_jvm-> AttachcurrentthRead (& ENV, NULL); // G_JVM is Javavm pointer 
 // (*g_jvm)-> Getenv (g_jvm, (void **) & env, jni_version_1_4); 
     Return (*ENV)-> Newstringutf (ENV, "Hello from JNI!");); 

 Static JNInaticMethod Methods [] = { 
         {"stringfromjni", "() ljava/lang/string;", (void*) stringfromjni}, 

 JNIEXPORT JINT JNI_ONLOAD (javavm *vm, void *reserved) 
     Jnienv* ENV = NULL; 
     g_jvm = vm; 
     jclass class; 
     Static Const Char *ClasspathName = "COM/EXAMPLE/Debugnative/MainActivity"; 
     if ((*vm)-> Getenv (vm, (void **) & env, jni_version_1_4)! = jni_ok) { 
         Return -1; 
     assert (env! = null); 
     Clazz = (*ENV)-> FindClass (ENV, ClassPathName); 
     Logv ("Clazz = %D", Clazz); 
    If (*ENV)-> Registernatives (ENV, Clazz, Methods, Nelem (Methods)) <0) {{ 
         Logv ("registernatives failed"); 
         Return -1; 

     Logv ("JNI_ONLOAD Success"); 
     Return jni_version_1_4; 


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