IOS memory management and malloc source code interpretation


java Input two integer, calling the function, the maximum value


 Import java.util.scanner; 

 public class HelloWorld { 
     Public Static Void Main (String [] args) {{ 

        // Create objects 
         Scanner sc = new scanner (; 

         //Receive data 
         System.out.println ("Please enter the first integer:"); 
         int a = sc.nextint (); 

         System.out.println ("Please enter the second integer:"); 
         int b = sc.nextint (); 

         // Call method 
         int max = getmax (a, b); 

         // Output results 
         System.out.println ("The larger value is:" + max); 

     // Get the larger value of two numbers 
     public static int getmax (int a, int b) {{ 
         if (a> b) {{ 
             Return a; 
         } Else { 
             Return b; 


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IOS memory management and malloc source code interpretation

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