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In the background, there are many friends who leave me a message to me, and let me recommend some free -to -questions websites that are suitable for senior computer students.

I see a lot of peopleAt the beginning, I pushed Leetcode and Zhejiang University OJ, in my opinion, it is a bit followed, but it is not close to the real level of the college students at the beginning. The important point is to step by step. Don’t be so high, otherwise it is easy to crush your self -confidence.

SO, I will follow7 7-Primary-Advanced-Great God

The order ofrecommends the question website for everyone. You can choose the appropriate learning website according to your needs. Never lose!

9 9 9 9 网

For the students of the freshman computer, what is afraid of is not that there is no problem website, but that it is not easy to brush (nonsense, people do not even learn professional courses, what do you let people code?). So if you want to brush the questions from scratch, I recommend the websites or questions that these small white can also brush:

Core eyes: Find the feeling of coding and regulate code writing.

①Programming by Doing

Basic programming foundation in the form of homework, the topic is relatively simple.

② novice programming must brush 50 questions

This is an online OJ on Lintcode, compiled by the ACM bronze player.

The core of

The core is to learn from basic programming knowledge. The most common algorithm and data structure in the process of covering the problem, mainly includeBasic data type, judgment statement, array and cycle, string and cycle, stack and queue, simple recursivesix major stages.

After brushing these questions, you can be familiar with the encoding process and build confidence in brushing. It feels good to brush it down.

“Algorithm Basic Class”

said that the master led the door and practiced the individual, but many people lacked this process of leading the door. SO recommended a basic knowledge of compaction algorithm“Algorithm Basic Class”

Course capacity is very large, teaching assistants and teachers will take everyone to handle. justFree audition classCover the necessary knowledge points of the early stages of the learning algorithm (believe me, even the five lessons of Bai Yan is fragrant).

contains these core knowledge points, not losing money!

A. Program control flow: For loop and while loop

b. Function:

The definition and use of the function of the function, the parameter of the function is transmitted

c. Getting off for objects:What is the concept of object -oriented, class and objects language basis, IDE introduction:Intellij, int variable and range, char variable, what is unicode, BOOLEAN variable and non -computing, how to write if the if statement

Preliminary Brush Guide

If the previous content is too basic for you, then you can try the website here.

Core eye: Correct algorithm and data structure knowledge points to cope with simple interviews.


Lintcode collected some of the most common and highest -frequency factory interview questions on the Internet, supporting Chinese and English bilingual.

If you are preparing for computer -related interviews, inLintCodeBrush the question is very helpful. Each question has detailed answers to help you better understand, you can also followAlgorithm and data structure knowledge points, according to the company categoryBrush the questions, more effort.

The point I like it is that the page is neat and clean, and there is not much content of the sorrow.

② Luo Gu

There are a lot of questions on Luo Valley, and there are many basic questions. The experience is very good.

The disadvantage is that the screening method is relatively small, and there is no corresponding step training, but it is very suitable for classmates who have sufficient time.


Niuke also has an algorithm question bank, according toalgorithm, SQL, shell, front -end classification, and such as the company’s real questions and high frequency questions, the classification is more detailed, and you can also brush the face.



page is also relatively direct, and it is sorted according to the frequency of the brush. I personally prefer this more refreshing and intuitive page.


Leetcode is also a relatively famous website. There are many people in the discussion area and the topics coverage are relatively comprehensive, but there are more questions with locks.

The road to advanced brushing

At this stage of

, you should be able to get most of the easy questions. The problem is already a habit for you. At this time, the core is sprinting in a short time.

Core eyes: Bug free as much as possible, or familiar with high -frequency test sites in the shortest time, sprint the large factory interview.

① high -frequency real questions at home and abroad

My strategy is to brush the target enterprise before the interviewhigh frequency question, real question, quickly familiarize with the interview style of large factories, check the shortage and fill in time.

This set of OJ is classified by the company and adopted the method of ladder training. One by one can also experience the feeling of upgrading the monster, it will be more interesting to brush.

② algorithm advanced question 80 question

This is the advanced version of the novice brushing the question earlier, covering 12 core knowledge points, liketwo -point method, double pointer, simple dynamic planning, if you feel that you are still available, you can brush it.

③ Some practical questions

Of course, in addition to brushing the website, you must also share some practical questions:

1. When you first start the question, give yourself 20 minutes. If you can’t think of it, read the answer directly.


During the interview, the interviewer could not give you so much time, and at the stage of brushing, “Sudong” is very important and pays attention to efficiency.

2. In the early stage, the knowledge points of the algorithm and data structure are brushed; in the later period, the labels of algorithms and data structures are hidden.


When you brush the questions at first, you can brush a type of question to find the rules of the question of such questions. For example, what are the characteristics of the two -point method, how can this question be solved, but after mastering the routine, you can not look at the knowledge point brush. content.

3. One question, at least 2 kinds of solutions, it is best to master 3 types.

Why ?

Generally speaking, you can master the standard solution (interview regular exams, interview officials can understand), optimal solution (self -study, dazzling skills), violent solution (there is a conservative solution when you can’t do it)

④ Auxiliary books

Finally, I recommend two books.

“Sword Refers to Offer” and “The Beauty of Programming”, here are also availableSubstitute of supporting facilities, make Bai Jie to the end.


If you want to advance to the algorithm, not just limited to algorithm interviews, but to play a game and become a professional player (such as ACM), these OJs will be more suitable for you.

① Hangdian OJ

It can be said to be the most famous in China, the most widely used, and the most reasonable setting of OJ (别 别, the bar is you right). Because many competitions will be held above, it is also the first choice for many big guys to brush and play competition training. Although the page is slightly simple, who makes it popular?

UVa Online JudgeOnline Judge of Valladolid University in Spain, the oldest and most well -known online judge in the world. The question bank has a detailed classification, and the types of topics are very extensive. The most important thing is that the type of topic belongs to medium, which is more suitable for beginners to learn questions.

Peking University OJ: It is also a good reputation in China and a more classic OJ. The difficulty of the topic is not high, and the speed is fast. It is suitable for the big guys to study here ~


A Indian OJ, compared to other questions, is characterized by more competition questions.

Finally, I wish you all your position! No matter what industry you want to engage in, what company you want to go to, and find your own direction is the most important. Don’t feel that you can’t do it.

8 8 8 is the best time now.


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Reserve the n -bit decimal function Smile

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