IOS integrates Charts drawing a chart framework in OC project

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(1) Take me as an example. You can download the literary resources of Zhiwang for free with off -campus access.

(2) Enter the new version of Zhiwang and use advanced retrieval.

(3) Multi -condition screening retrieval.

Small reminder: All journals include other journals except the core journal. If the core journals and above are required, the following column is selected (all core):

Popular science connection:


Popular science link: Encyclopedia is not)

Original URL:

(1) Simple and rude, directly search keywords.

(2) Example display:

can be downloaded for free.

3, Researchgate

Original link:

(1) Login (can only look at the Abstract without recording)

If you register, you can use the school’s mailbox (I forgot, harm !!)

(2) Slide the webpage and go directly.

 No logging can only look at the abstracts and the like. If you want the original text, you still have to log in.

A little bit of knowledge, close ~


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IOS integrates Charts drawing a chart framework in OC project

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