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 Note: This article built SFTP systems above CENTOS 7 or above

SFTP server two construction methods

1. Create a new user directly on the system. This method is the simplest, but the least secure. After the user SFTP login, you can switch the directory at will. Cut the user can log in to the system. This is not introduced in detail.

  • First of all new SFTP login users

useradd stp-u

echo sftp-u | passwd –stdin sftp-u

  • Configuration/ETC/SSH/SSHD_CONFIG


#Subsystem sftp /usr/libexec/openssh/sftp-server

Add as follows

Subsystem sftp internal-sftp

Match User sftp-u

ChrootDirectory /opt/upload

ForceCommand internal-sftp

  AllowTcpForwarding no

  X11Forwarding no

chrootdirectory settings settings and all their superior file folder permissions must be rooted;

chrootdirectory settings settings and all their superior file folder permissions, only the owner can have writing permissions, that is, permissionsThe maximum settings can only be 755

But if the directory authority cannot modify the permissions due to the actual environment, it can also be achieved through soft connection, but the director of the bottom directory is ROOT, and the most authority is 755. 755 is 755.

Modify the directory authority

chown root.sftp-u test/

Restart service

service sshd reload

service sshd restart


sftp -P 22 [email protected]xxx

Display local directory

sftp> lls

1.json 2.json 3.json ls.txt

Display remote directory

stp> ls



From the local upload file to the remote, the local directory does not specify the current directory.

sftp> put 1.json

Uploading 1.json to /1.json

remote open(“/1.json”): Permission denied

prompt remote authority to fail, because this is to write to remote, so check whether the directory of the remote operation has a write permissions, and find that the SFTP-U user does

Then add the root directory specified by the SFTP-U user to write permissions, and the Service SSHD RESTART found that it still cannot be uploaded.

finds that you need to create a new child directory in the root directory and write permissions for the SFTP-U user before you can upload

chown root.sftp-u /root/upload/

mkdir /root/upload/file

chown sftp-u:sftp-u /root/upload/file

chmod 775 /root/upload/file


sftp> get sftp-s.txt .

Fetching /file/sftp-s.txt to ./sftp-s.txt


#file server

useradd sftp-u

echo sftp-u | passwd --stdin sftp-u

mkdir -p /root/upload/

chown root.sftp-u /root/upload/

mkdir /root/upload/file

chown sftp-u:sftp-u /root/upload/file

chmod 775 /root/upload/file

sed -i 's/Subsystem\tsftp\t\/usr\/libexec\/openssh\/sftp-server/#Subsystem\tsftp\t\/usr\/libexec\/openssh\/sftp-server/g' /etc/ssh/sshd_config

echo -e 'Subsystem sftp internal-sftp

Match User sftp-u

\tChrootDirectory /root/upload

\tForceCommand internal-sftp

\tAllowTcpForwarding no

\tX11Forwarding no' >> /etc/ssh/sshd_config


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Suning “sells unable to sell”

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