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If the characters of the two string are the same, but the order is different, it is considered a brothers strings. For example, BAD and ADB are brothers string, which now provides a string, how to quickly find its brother string in the dictionary in the dictionary ,,

Please describe the data structure and query process.

#include <stdio.h> 
 #include <stdlib.h> 
 #include <string.h> 

  *Test the string 
 char * substring (char * src, int pos, int len) { 
 char *p = src; 
 char *substr = calloc (sizeof (char), len + 1); 
 int i = 0; 
 p += pOS; 
 While (len-) { 
 substr [i ++] = *(p ++); 
 substr [i] = '\ 0'; 
 Return substr; 

 int Gethash (char *p) { 
 int Hash = 0; 
 int length = strlen (p); 
 int i = 0; 
 for (; I <langth; i ++) { 
 have | = (1 << (p [i] -'a')); 
 Return have; 

 Void Sibilingstring (Char* Dict, Char* Target) { 
 int size = strlen (dict); 
 int Start = 0; 
 int Len = Strlen (target); 
 int END = Len -1; 
 int targethash = gethash (target); 
 While (END ++ <SIZE) { 
 char *substr = substring (Dict, Start ++, Len); 
 /*If you want to be consistent with the brothers' string* / 
 ifThash (Substr) == Targethash) { 
 puts (substr); 


 int Main (void) { 
 char *src = "worldhello"; 
 puts ("Sibiling Strings:"); 
 sibilingstring (src, "heoll"); 
 Return exit_success; 


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Master this posture, girlfriend no longer talks about

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