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ESP Flash Tool is a burning tool developed by ESPRESSIF. Users can record multiple BIN files compiled SDK files in SPI Flash of ESP8266/ESP32 according to the actual compilation method and Flash capacity.

ESP Flash Tool’s official download address is: 

4 4 4 4 4

ESP32’s running status is mainly determined by GPIO0

mode GPIO0
UART download mode low
Flash running mode high

ESP32 When compiling, configure the Partition Table through Make Menuconfig to support the Single Factory App, No OTA, Factory App, Two OTA Definitions, CUSTM PARTITION TABLE CSV

Note 1: Lexin may change these burning positions in different versions of SDK. The following description is only for reference. It is recommended that the console output information during development shall prevail.


*Remember that after the module is completed by the above circuit, then power on.

*Guarantee 3.3V power supply. Generally, external power output current needs to be 500mA or above.

1. Open the ESP Flash Tool, configure the BIN file and the burning address according to the previous chapter

2. You need to configure crystal vibration frequency, SPI Speed, SPI Mode, Flash Size, serial port number and Potter rate, etc. Here the Potter rate can be selected as much as possible to save time. If you prompt ERROR, please reduce Potter, please reduce Potter Rate, here to do8MbitFLASH as an example:

3. After the configuration is completed, then call the module to enter the download mode, and then click [Start] to start the record until the record is complete:



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Laravel in the app directory

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