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ICML 2020 released.

Entry -selected thesis innovation high, common# 6 Turing Award winners, dozens of top experts and scholarsThe dissertation highlights the siege.

However, the receiving rate is lower a year, only 21.8%this time (22.6%last year and 24.9%the previous year).

From the perspective of the entire list, Google is still the strongest strength agency.

138records (data contains Google brain and deepMind).

Single for domestic organizations and players:

University is still the main force, Tsinghua share36 articles, Peking University2015 15 15 15 15 15 15 1516, compared to last year, there are certain gains.

Domestic companies have also begun to work gradually. In addition to the previous BAT, they also saw Huawei, bytes, and Shang Tang.

Among them Ali11, 9 Baidu, 5 Huawei.

Of course, there are also excellent performance of other institutions. Let’s take a look at the list.

Google is still the biggest winner

Because the full list is slightly longer, grab the number of articles from key institutions and universities.

  • Google: 138 articles

  • University of California Berkeley: 88 articles

  • Stanford: 75 articles

  • MIT: 66 articles

  • Microsoft: 53 articles

  • facebook: 32 articles

  • IBM: 19

From the perspective of the overall results, Google (including Google Brain, DeepMind) shared

The138article should continue to rank the first throne and successfully defend the title.

Looking at the list from the list, it is all Google’s name.

In school, it is still the “three giants”.

is just compared to last year, the position of these three universities has changed a little.

Among them, the University of California Berkeley

The88chapter ranks first, and 75 scores of Stanford University followed closely. MIT ranked third in 66.

and last year MIT ranked first in the school list with 47 articles, 45 articles from the University of California, Berkeley, and 40 Stanford University.

and the last five Carnegie Mellon University, the last five, the number of papers declined, and there were28, and 35 papers last year.

In terms of enterprises, except for Google’s riding dust, Microsoft and Facebook have increased significantly compared with last year.

Microsoft has 53 papers this time, 32 Facebook, and 19 IBMs.

Tsinghua Ali is the main player in China

This time, domestic institutions also performed well. Especially the universities that have always been the main force.

  • Tsinghua: 36 articles

  • Peking University: 20 articles

  • 4 4: 16 articles

  • 4 4 4: 9 articles

  • Nanda: 9 articles

  • Zhejiang University: 6 articles

Tsinghua University has 36 papers this time, and only 15 last year, ranking first in domestic universities.

The rest of Peking University and Shangzhong also performed well, with 20 and 16 articles.

and Nanjing University and China University of Science and Technology, all have9In terms of

companies, it can be seen that they have also begun to work.

  • Ali: 11 articles

  • 百度: 9

  • Huawei: 5 articles

  • Tencent: 3 articles

  • byte: 2 articles

  • Shang Tang: 2 articles

In the past, BAT, who has been performing extraordinary, has also performed well this time.

Ali A total of

Chapter11, located at the forefront. Following it is Baidu, there is a common9.

In addition, there are some companies that stand out. For example, Huawei, Shang Tang, byte …5paper.

Qianlang lead, Houlang follows close

At this time,

is basically the stage of the “front wave”.

  • Michael Jordan (Berkeley): 1 article

  • Facebook: 1

  • Facebook: 1

  • Zhu Jun (Tsinghua): 4 articles

  • Long Mingsheng (Tsinghua): 2 articles

  • Zhu Zhanxing (Peking University): 3 articles

  • Zhou Zhihua (Nanda): 3 articles

  • Yu Yong (Shangjiao): 1 article

, such as BerkeleyMichael Jordan, Facebook’sHe Kaiming

Michael Jordan
He Kaiming

There are also some domestic scholars, such as the ACM team “headed head “-Yu Yong

Yu Yong

In addition to the “front waves”, there are still “back waves”.

For example, this classmate -Dong Kefan.

In the list of thesis, there is2is accepted as the “first author”.

and Dong Kefan this year is only a senior, from Yao Ban, Cross Information Research Institute of Tsinghua University.

But the OI circle should be familiar with this name. In the 28th International Informatics Olympic Contest (IOI2016) held in 2016, he participated in China and won the silver medal.

The second right in the figure is Dong Kefan

At that time, he had just from Fujian ProvinceFuzhou No. 1 Middle Schoolgraduated, and then entered the Tsinghua Cross Information Research Institute Yao Ban.

Of course, classmate Dong is one of the representatives of the surge of waves.

In this ICML, there are many new faces and new names. If you have your acquaintance, you are also welcome to continue to add.

In addition, because the statistics of the number of the above -mentioned institutions are completely handmade, they are also welcome to correct it, the core ~

Thesis list:


10 10 6

This may be the largest AI professional activity in Beijing in history: 6 Turing winners, including Hinton, Jürgen Schmidhuber, the father of LSTM, as well as Zhang Yan, Li Kaifu, Lu Qin, Zhang Yaqin, Sun Jian, Yan Shuicheng, etc. Will participate. Scan code can be registered for free ~

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