Griffin installation

2023-01-05   ES  

code is as follows:
private final class AlarmSeekBarChangeListener implements OnSeekBarChangeListener{

		public void onProgressChanged(SeekBar seekBar, int progress,
				boolean fromUser) {
			// TODO Auto-generated method stub
// Unreasonable above, mainly depending on the following
// Get the URI of the default alarm of the system 
 Uri alert = randoneManager.getdefaulturi (rightoneManager.type_alarm); 
 // Get a Ringtone object according to URI 
 Raingtone raing = RingtoneManager.get) 
 // Set the attribute of the alarm. The setting is set as an alarm clock here, which determines that when the bell is ringing, it is based on the sound of that type 
 Ring.setStreamType (Audiomanager.stream_alarm); 
 // Whenever the drag bar changes, set the alarm ringtone to the value after the change 
 AMANAGER.setStreamVolume (Audiomanager.Stream_alarm, Progress, 0); 
 // Play the alarm (); 

Add it. Before dragging Seekbar, you should set a variable to save the value of the volume of the previous system volume. When the operation is canceled, then restore the value back.


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Griffin installation

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