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python read Excel file, connect the MySQL database insertion or update table

Insert table:

import pandas as pd
from sqlalchemy import create_engine

# connection database
connection_mysql = create_engine('mysql+pymysql://username:[email protected]:8888/dbname?charset=utf8')
# Read Excel
df = pd.read_excel('insert_data.xlsx')
# Insert into the database
df.to_sql('table_name',connection_mysql, if_exists='append',index=False)
# Close connection

update table:

import pandas as pd
import pymysql as pm

# connection database
db = pm.connect(host="88.88.888.888",port=8888,user="username",passwd="password",db="dbname")
# Create a cursor
cursor = db.cursor()
# Read Excel
df = pd.read_excel('update_data.xlsx')
# update data
data_list = df.values.tolist()
sql_replace="""replace into table_name (field1,field2,field3) values (%s,%s,%s) """
# Submit
# Close the campaign
# Close connection


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