The value of big data in the financial industry

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ID Codes
Time Limit: 1000MS   Memory Limit: 10000K
Total Submissions: 6199   Accepted: 3712


It is 2084 and the year of Big Brother has finally arrived, albeit a century late. In order to exercise greater control over its citizens and thereby to counter a chronic breakdown in law and order, the Government decides on a radical measure–all citizens are to have a tiny microcomputer surgically implanted in their left wrists. This computer will contains all sorts of personal information as well as a transmitter which will allow people’s movements to be logged and monitored by a central computer. (A desirable side effect of this process is that it will shorten the dole queue for plastic surgeons.)

An essential component of each computer will be a unique identification code, consisting of up to 50 characters drawn from the 26 lower case letters. The set of characters for any given code is chosen somewhat haphazardly. The complicated way in which the code is imprinted into the chip makes it much easier for the manufacturer to produce codes which are rearrangements of other codes than to produce new codes with a different selection of letters. Thus, once a set of letters has been chosen all possible codes derivable from it are used before changing the set.

For example, suppose it is decided that a code will contain exactly 3 occurrences of `a’, 2 of `b’ and 1 of `c’, then three of the allowable 60 codes under these conditions are:




These three codes are listed from top to bottom in alphabetic order. Among all codes generated with this set of characters, these codes appear consecutively in this order.

Write a program to assist in the issuing of these identification codes. Your program will accept a sequence of no more than 50 lower case letters (which may contain repeated characters) and print the successor code if one exists or the message `No Successor’ if the given code is the last in the sequence for that set of characters.


Input will consist of a series of lines each containing a string representing a code. The entire file will be terminated by a line consisting of a single #.


Output will consist of one line for each code read containing the successor code or the words ‘No Successor’.

Sample Input


Sample Output

No Successor


New Zealand 1991 Division I,UVA 146

Question link:

Title: Generate the next arrangement according to the preface of the dictionary order.

Question analysis: The next arrangement step is generated according to the preface of the dictionary order:
1) Find the last positive order: t1 = max {(j | sj-1> = sj)}
2) T1 = -1 indicates that the current is the largest, exit the output No Successor
3) Otherwise, find the last greater than ST1-1 ST2: T2 = {k | ST1-1 <sk}
4) Exchange ST1-1 and ST2
5) The number behind the anti -row ST2

#include <cStdio> 
 #include <cstring> 
 #include <algorithm> 
 using namespace std; 
 char s [55]; 
     int l = strlen (s), T1 = -1; 
     for (int i = l-1; i> 0; i-- 
         if (s [i -1] <s [i]) 
             t1 = i; // Find the last liter T1 
     if (t1 == -1) 
         Return false; 
     int T2 = T1; 
     for (int i = t1+1; i <l; i ++) 
         if (s [t1 -1]> = s [i]) 
         T2 = i; // The last number greater than ST1-1 after finding T1 
     swap (s [t1 -1], s [t2]); // exchange ST1-1 and ST2 
     sort (s + t1, s + l); // The number after ST2 after the anti -row exchange 
     Return true; 
 int Main () 
     While (scanf ("%s", s)! = EOF && S [0]! = '#') 
         Printf ("%s \ n", get ()? s: "no successor"); 


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The value of big data in the financial industry

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