Detailed interpretation: MIT classic semantic segmentation data set ADE20K, attached to the load link

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<s: a href = “”> </s: a> ——— similar to the html
<s: action name = “”> </s: action> —– executing an action in a view
<s: actionerror/> —– If the ERRORS of Action is valuable, it is displayed, then it is displayed.
<s: Append> </s: Append> —– Add a value to list, similar to list.add ();
<s: AutoCompleter> </s: AutoCompleter> —– automatically complete the content of the <s: Combobox> tag. This is AJAX

<s: bean name = “”> </s: bean> —– Similar to the value of JavaBean in Struts1.x

<s: Checkbox> </s: Checkbox> —– The check box
<s: Checkboxlist list = “”> </s: Checkboxlist> —–
<s: Combobox List = “”> </s: Combobox> —– drop-down box
<s: Component> </s: Component> —– Image symbol

<s: date/> —– Get the date format
<s: datetimepicker> </s: datetimepicker> —– Date input box
<s: debug> </s: debug> —– Display error information
<s: div> </s: div> —– indicate a block, similar to HTML

<s: doubleSelect list = “” doublename = “” doublelist = “”> </s: doubleselect> —————————————————————-

<s:if test=””></s:if>
<s:elseif test=””></s:elseif>
<s: else> </s: else> —– These 3 labels are used together, indicating the conditional judgment

<s: file> </s: file> —– file upload
<s: form action = “”> </s: form> —– Get the value of the corresponding form

<s: generator separator = “value =” “> </s: generator> —- and <s: Iterator> tags together

<s: Head/> —– Use in it, indicating the end of the header file
<s: hidden> </s: hidden> —– Hidden value

<s: i18n name = “”> </s: i18n> —– Load the resource package to the value stack
<s: include value = “”> </s: Include> —– Including an output, service or jsp page
<s: Inputtransferselect list = “”> </s: Inputtransferselect> —– Get a input of Form
<s: Iterator> </s: Iterator> ——- for traversing the collection

<s: label> </s: label> —– Read the label that only reads

<s: Merge> </s: Merge> —— The value of the merger and the collection of gathers

<s: Optgroup> </s: Optgroup> —– Get the label group
<s: optiontransferselect doubleList = “” list = “” “doublename =” “> </s: optiontransfeersect> ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————

<s: Param> </s: Param> —– Provide parameters to other tags
<s: password> </s: password> —– password input box
<s: Property/> —– Get the attribute of ‘value’
<s: push value = “”> </s: push> —– Value value Push to the stack, so that the print on the property tag can obtain the attribute of the value

<s: radio list = “”> </s: radio> —– Single-selected button
<s: reset> </s: reset> —– Reset button

<s: select list = “”> </s: select> —– Single-choice box
<s: set name = “”> </s: set> —– Give the value within a specific range
<s: sort comparators = “”> </s: sort> —– to classify it through attributes
<s: submit> </s: submit> —– The submission button
<s: subt> </s: subt> ——

<s: tabbedpanel id = “”> </s: tabbedpanel> ——–
<s: table> </s: table> ———– Form
<s: text name = “”> </s: text> —– I18N text information
<s: Textarea> </s: Textarea> —— text domain input box
<s: textfield> </s: TextField> —– text input box
<s: token> </s: token> —– interceptor
<s: Tree> </s: Tree> —– Tree
<s: Treenode label = “”> </s: Treenode> —– The structure of the tree

<s: UpdownSelect list = “”> </s: UpdownSelect> —– multiple choice box
<s: url> </s: url> —– Create UR


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Detailed interpretation: MIT classic semantic segmentation data set ADE20K, attached to the load link

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