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RS232 serial lines are used in serial communication between equipment, and the applicable surface is wide. The RS232 serial connection method should be determined according to the actual connection device. Let’s first look at the definition of its pin. At present, the RS232 serial port interface is DB9 pin, and its interface pins are defined as follows:
As shown in the figure above, the RS232 serial line interface pin is divided into two rows of upper and lower rows. In the face of the face and interface of the face: a row of 5 stitches, from left to right, corresponding to No. 1-5 pin; a row of 4 stitches, from left to right, corresponding to No. 6-9 pins, respectively. Essence

pin definition symbol
1 carrier wave detection DCD
2 Receive data RXD
3 Send data TXD
4 Data terminal prepare DTR
5 signal SG
6 Data Prepare DSR
7 Request to send RTS
8 Clear CTS
9 Ring Tips Ri

Green Union RS232 serial line core color definition:

1 black
2 brown
3 red
4 orange
5 yellow
6 green
7 blue
8 purple
9 white

When the user needs the DIY Green Union RS232 serial line, it can correspond to the wiring according to this line color.


RS232 serial line wiring method schematic diagram

According to different needs,RS232 serial line

Theconnection method is divided into two types: direct connection and cross.

RS232 serial line direct connection method is normal connection: 2 connection 2, 3 connection 3 (that is, one RX is connected to the other end, TX is connected to the other tx),3 3 RS232 serial line is a direct connection method
RS232 serial port cross -connecting method is cross -connection: 2 connection 3, 3 connection 2 (that is, the RX on one end is connected to the other tx, and the TX is connected to the other RX).

So what occasions are used for the direct connection between the RS232 serial line and the intercourse?

In general, the connection communication between the device and the computer needs to be directly connected to the RS232 serial line; and the connection communication of the device and the device will use the cross line of the RS232 serial line. When choosing, the user should choose the RS232 serial lines of different connections according to the actual situation between the two devices.


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four yuan (quaternions) -OK

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