linux configuration ffmpeg

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2 2 2 2 2, now live in Chengdu.
2013 ~ 2017, attending the School of Computer Science and Technology, Computer Science and Technology, a bachelor’s degree in computer science and technology at the Chengdu University of Information Engineering.
From 2017 to 2020, attending Chengdu University of Information Engineering University, computer application technology, a master’s degree in engineering
2021 ~ So far, the School of Economics and Engineering, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, major

Sichuan Amateur Radio Lovers Association Member (call number: BH8EEY)

IEEE Access, Journal of Big Data Journal Reviewer


* Represents communication authors
[1] Zhengjie Gao, ao feng*, xinyu song, and xi wu. Target-dependent Sentiment Classification with Bert.ieeeeess, 7: 154290–154299, 2019. (IF = 4.098,link,Cited 154 times in Google Scholar by 6/25/2022,GitHub)
[2] Ao Feng, Zhengjie Gao*link,Cited 8 times in Google Scholar by 6/25/2022)
[3] Xinyu Song, Ao Feng, Weikuan Wang, Zhengjie Gao
[4] Tianhao Xu, Ao Feng*, Xinyu Song, Zhengjie Gao, and Xinke Zeng. Chinese News Data Extraction System Based on Readability Algorithm. ICAIS

[5] Xuelei Zhang, Xinyu Song, Ao Feng, Zhengjie Gao

[1] ZL201810416774.0, data labeling method based on human -machine collaborative learning, Feng Yan,Gao Zhengjie, Wu Xi
[2] ZL2019108092682, a method of emotional judgment based on fine particle size,Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan, Song Xinyu
[3] ZL2019108095163, a specific target emotional classification method based on improving the Bert model,Gao Zhengjie, Song Xinyu, Feng Yan
[4] ZL2020103793392, a specific target and emotional classification method based on map neural network,Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan, Song Xinyu

[1] 2019105907107, an emotional analysis method and system of an enterprise subject in financial news,Gao Zhengjie, Guo Gang, Guo Min, etc.

[1] Research and Application of Financial News Public Opinion Analysis, Sichuan Science and Technology Innovation Seedling Project, 2018115, main research
[2] Research and application of natural language classification algorithms in social media processing, Sichuan Provincial Key R & D project, 2020yfg0168, participate

[1] Gao Zhengjie, Xu Tianhao, Feng Yan. Enterprise risk news intelligent processing system v1.0, 2018sr224990.
[2] Gao Zhengjie, Chen Zhengzheng, Feng Yan. Financial news classification classification system v1.0, 2018SR224437.
[3] Xu Tianhao, Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan. Financial News directional collection system v1.0 ,2018SR224798.
[4] Chen Zhengzheng, Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan.
[5] Chen Zhengzheng, Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan.
[6] Chen Zhengzheng, Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan. The QR code generation and identification system v1.0, 2018sr673664.
[7] Chen Zhengzheng, Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan. The “Tomato List” software V1.0 based on iOS, 2018SR673687.
[8] Chen Zhengzheng, Gao Zhengjie, Feng Yan. The teaching file management system v1.0 ,2018SR674066.
[9] Wang Weikuan, Song Xinyu, Gao Zhengjie, etc. Android app store software v1.0, 2019sr0682124.
[10] Wang Weikuan, Song Xinyu, Gao Zhengjie, etc. The news client software V1.0 based on the Android platform, 2019sr0682112.
[11] Wang Weikuan, Song Xinyu, Gao Zhengjie, etc. The township pharmaceutical procurement system v1.0, 2019sr0719028.
[12] Wang Weikuan, Song Xinyu, Gao Zhengjie, etc. The university textbook ordering system software v1.0, 2019sr0682118.

[1] Graduate Studies Second Scholarship, 2017.11.
[2] The third -class scholarship of graduate school, 2018.11.
[3] Excellent graduate cadres, 2018.12.
[4] The 15th “Challenge Cup” Sichuan Provincial College Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest, Gao Zhengjie, Chen Zhengzheng, Xu Tianhao, etc. Third prize, 2019.06.
[5] The World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2019 Hacker Marathon Autonlp Contest, Gao Zhengjie, Song Xinyu. Yinjo Award, 2019.08.
[6] Graduate Studies Second Scholarship, 2019.11.
[7] Excellent graduate cadres, 2019.12.
[8] Excellent graduate graduate, 2020.06.
[9] ACM Chengdu Branch Outstanding Master Student Paper Nomination Award, 2020.09.


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linux configuration ffmpeg

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