unity custom font new feature one

2023-01-11   ES  

unity custom font new features one

first find a font library, I use the Windws system, and directly find Microsoft’s characters.
In the directory C: \ Windows \ FONTS just find a font

Here I will take Huawei Amber font (font type is .ttf)
Double -click the Huawei Amber font, the font model will be automatically popped up:

fonts look like the picture above.

Drag the font library to unity, and change the font library to HWHP,

Create a Text, drag the font library to the text, and enter the character as follows

Sometimes we only need a few characters in one font library, such as 0-9 numbers. If the entire font library is put in, it will cause a lot of space occupation. Let me take the characters I need to use below. Treatment, throw away the others, so that a lot of space is saved

Select font library

FONT SIZE: The font size when the font performance is the best, and the settings are set to 30 here
Rendering Mode: rendering type, select Smooth
Character: character type, customized characters required must be selected by CustomSet
CUSTOM CHARS: The Custom CHARS input box is automatically appeared after selecting Customset

After entering the required characters into the Custom Chars input box, click Apply in the lower right corner

So now find HWHP in the project directory, see the font library now occupy the size of the space
3.54m, the size is as large as the occupation space before making. In this case, the characters I use are less and the space is still so large, so I cannot accept it
The following operation generates a font library I really want to use.
Click the small gear in the upper right corner

Generate three files HWHP_COPY

Dragging the hwhp_copy font library to the Text, the effect is unchanged. At this time, we look at HWHP_COPY to occupy the size of the space

Now you can delete the original font HWHP.


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