vue2 data hijacking principle

2023-01-15   ES  

# Generate 13 random code as the new file name 
 Import String 
 Import Random 

 def newName_creator (Digit): 
     newName = '' 
     for word in range (DIGIT): 
         newName + = RANDOM.CHOICE (String.ascii_UPPERCASE + String.digits) 
     Return newName 
 def all_newname (): 
     data = '' 
     Count = 0 
     for count in range (358): 
         digit = 13 
         data+= newName_creator (DIGIT)+'. JPG'+'\ N' 
     Return data 

 f = Open ('Newname.txt', 'W') 
 f.write (all_newname ()) 
 f.close () 
for index in range(358):


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vue2 data hijacking principle

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