Logic Sri Lanka Return (Returning to the chance of numbers) jn

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Get user information

This is click the login button to get user information

  <image src="{
  <view wx:if="{
   <Button wx: else open-type = "getuserinfo" bindgetUserInfo = "ONEGETUSERINFO"> Login </Button>

On the corresponding page JS file:

	data: {
		userInfo: {}

Here you need to keep the function of obtaining information in the app.js:

 App ({{ 
   onlaunch: function () { 
     // Run the cloud function to configure it 
     wx.cloud.init (); 

     // Log in 
     wx.login ({{ 
       Success: res => { 
         // Send res.code to the background in exchange for openid, sessionkey, unionid 
     // Get user information 
     wx.getSetting ({{ 
       Success: res => { 
         if (res.authSetting ['scope.userinfo'] {) { 
           // I have been authorized, you can directly call getuserinfo to get the avatar nickname, you will not play the frame 
           wx.getUserInfo ({{ 
             Success: res => { 
               // You can send the Res to the background to decode the unionid 
               this.globaldata.userinfo = res.userinfo 

               // Since getuserinfo is a network request, it may be returned after pay.onload 
               // So add callback here to prevent this 
               if (this.userinForeADYCALLLLLK) { 
                 this.userinForeADYCALLLLK (res) 
   globaldata: { 
     userInfo: null 


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Logic Sri Lanka Return (Returning to the chance of numbers) jn

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