4 QT’s Pro configue multiple sub -engineering/sub -modules

2023-01-23   ES  

Alibaba Cloud https://cr.console.aliyun.com/cn-hangzhou/Instances/mirrs

NetEase Honeycomb https://c.163yun.com/hub#/home

View mirror list: docker hub.c.163.com/library/nginx 
 Get the image: docker pull hub.c.163.com/library/nginx 
 View local mirror: docker images 
 View running mirror: docker PS 
 Delete mirror: docker RMI container ID

"registry-mirrors": [

5 5 5: docker run hub.c.163.com/library/nginx 

 Run in the background: docker run -d hub.c.163.com/library/nginx 

 Enter: Docker Exec -it CC Bash 

   -IT is running parameters 
   CC is a container ID running in the background 
   BASH is running instructions 

 Stop: Docker Stop CC

docker run -d -P 8080: 80 hub.c.163.com/library/nginx 
     -D background startup 
     -P one -to -one start 
     8080 This machine port number 
     80 image port number 
   Start, local 8080 port monitoring mirror 80 port, you can access the Nginx service on HTTP: // localhost: 8080 address

View port: NetStat -NA | GREP 8080 
 View the position where nginx is: white nginx 
 Exit: exit


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4 QT’s Pro configue multiple sub -engineering/sub -modules

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