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2023-01-15   ES  

1. Powding for props
Put the props to set it to a custom time (support_time):

# Set up prop distribution as a custom event 
 Support_time = userevent 
 pygame.time.set_timer (SUPPLY_TIME, 30 * 1000) #Set the time interval of a custom event is 30 seconds 
 In the cycle of the detection event: 
  #Trigger props supply event 
  event.type == support_time:  () 
         if Choice ([True, FALSE]): #i i i i in true and false 
             bomb_supply.reset () 
             bullet_supply.reset () 

1) Bomb:

# Draw a full -screen bomb supply and detect whether it is obtained 
     bomb_supply.move () 
     screen.blit (bomb_supply.image, bomb_supply.rect) #Draw bomb supply 
     if pygame.sprite.collide_mask (bomb_supply, me): #Directly detect bomb_supply, whether the two elves have collided 
          if bomb_num <3: #If the original bomb was <= 3, you can get a bomb 
              bomb_num += 1 
     = False #After the bomb supply is obtained, the supply picture disappears

2) Super bullet

# Super Bullet timer (custom event) 
 Double_bullet_time_finish = userevent +

2. At the same time, the sound effects are also suspended at the same time

event detection cycle:

if Paised:# If the pause is paused, all the sound is suspended, and the supply event is suspended 
     pygame.time.set_timer (SUPPLY_TIME, 0) #If pause, the "supply event" custom event suspension occurs ()#Background music pause 
     pygame.mixer.pause ()#sound effects 
 Else: #If it is not paused, all the sounds are played normally, and the supply event occurs normally 
     pygame.time.set_timer (support_time, 30 * 1000) () 
     pygame.mixer.unpause ()


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mysql cursor use template

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