ESD electrostatic protection diode silk print query, SOD-323 packaging model

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iOS-APP jump to the AppStore score

app jump to the App Store scoring interface

Recent application to add the APP scoring function. Check on the Internet how to directly jump to the App Store scoring address. It is found that most articles are said to be previously modified. The current way is to prevent yourself from forgetting.

Jump to the AppStore score, there are two ways:

One is jumping out of the application, jumping to AppStore, and scoring;

The other is a built -in appstore in the application.

ps: appid can be obtained in the application interface in

1. Jump out of the application, jump to AppStore, and score

(Appid can be found in iTunece)

2. In the application, the built -in appstore is scored

Apple provides a framework Storekit.Framework, imports Storekit.framework, add head files #import to the controller that needs to be jump, and implement the proxy method: <SKSTOREPRoductViewControllerDelegate >

// Custom method

– (void)loadAppStoreController


// Initialization controller

SKStoreProductViewController*storeProductViewContorller = [[SKStoreProductViewControlleralloc]init];

// Set the proxy request as the current controller itself


[storeProductViewContorllerloadProductWithParameters:@{SKStoreProductParameterITunesItemIdentifier:kAppId}completionBlock:^(BOOLresult,NSError*error)   {

if(error)  {

NSLog(@”error %@ with userInfo %@”,error,[erroruserInfo]);


// modal pop -up appStore





// appstore Cancel the button to listen to

– (void)productViewControllerDidFinish:(SKStoreProductViewController*)viewController





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ESD electrostatic protection diode silk print query, SOD-323 packaging model

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