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?Blog website (www.lipan.xyz), detail function is to be improved
SpringBoot JDK IDE Maven MySQL ROM Thymeleaf

Use Maven to make the project into jar bags and upload it to the server

Running command:nohup java -jar blog.jar &

  1. Use Nginx reverse proxy server to disable IP access (redirect). At the same time, close the server’s external network access port, realize that the website can only access domain name access
  2. By configured Nginx cache static resource files, so as to speed up website access speed

  • Redis cache
  • DRUID connection pool
  • background function is complete
  • front desk interface beautification
  • Multi -user
  • Remove the redundant front -end file

  1. This blog background Java code is independently developed, and the front desk blog page refers toyadong.zhangsource blog projectOneBlog, management page useColorlibprovidedManagement templategentelella
  2. ThanksWing Lingwu StudioHelp of members

source code open source is on GitHub. If you are helpful, I hope GitHub can give me a start, sincere thanks!


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