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simulate a method of consistent trim function. Remove the blank ends at both ends of the string

1. Define two variables

A variable as a corner label to judge the string space from scratch. Continuous ++

A variable as an corner label to judge the string space from the end. Continuous–

2. Determine that it is not a space, just take the string between the head and tail. (Take the skewers)

package stringd.emo; 

 public class stringtrim { 

 Public Static void main (string [] args) { 
 String s = "ab c"; 
 s = mytrim (s); 
 System.out.println ("-"+s+"-"); 

 Public Static String Mytrim (String S) {{ 
 int Start = 0, end = s.Length ()-1; 
 // char, return according to the position 
 While (start <= end &&charat (start) == '') { 
 Start ++; 
 While (start <= end &&charat (end) == '') { 
 Return s.substring (start, end+1); 



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VC MSFLEXGrid Basic use

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