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Single -chip microcomputer selection is an important and troublesome thing;

  • If the single -chip model is appropriate, the single -chip microcomputer application system will get economical and reliable work;

  • If the selection is not appropriate, it will cause economic waste, affect the normal operation of the single -chip microcomputer application system, and even the function of pre -designing.

For a single -chip microcomputer application system that has been designed, its technical requirements and system functions should be very clear;

  • If the single -chip microcomputer with too little function is selected, this single -chip microcomputer application system cannot complete the control task;

  • If the single -chip microcomputer function is too powerful, this is not only necessary, but also causes waste of resources and does not reduce the performance ratio.

As long as the principle of the correct selection of the single -chip microcomputer is mastered, you can choose the single -chip microcomputer that can best apply to the application system to ensure that there is a single -chip microcomputer application systemThe highest reliabilityoptimal performance price ratioThe longest service lifeThe best upgrade possibility

When the single -chip machine chip is selected, the general principle is:

  • (use) chip completion (less peripheral device);

  • Choose a large (large factory) not to choose small, choose more (more supply volume) not to choose;

  • Naming (brand name) does not choose mighty (misty, do not know the details);

  • Choose Lian (cheap) but it is good (quality assurance);

Of course, when the core is missing now, the single -chip machine with sufficient supply sources, O (∩_∩) O

Selection of single -chip microcomputer, mainly uses the technical nature, practicality and developmentability of the single -chip microcomputer application system:

  • Technical: To choose a single -chip machine chip from the perspective of the technical indicators of the single -chip microcomputer to ensure that the single -chip microcomputer application system is reliable under certain technical indicators;

  • Practicality: From the perspective of supply channels and credibility procedures of the microcontroller, the manufacturer of the single -chip microcomputer chooses to ensure that the single -chip microcomputer application system can run for a long time and reliably;

  • developmentability: The selected single -chip microcomputer must have reliable development methods, such as program development tools, simulation debugging methods, etc.

The discussion of the selection of single -chip machine for a long time can always see various discussions about single -chip microcomputers. This is not good. That’s not good. That is outdated. This is not useful to learn!

I just want to say, useThe appropriate chip makes the most suitable productUse kung fu on design on excellent ideas

Do not stick to the chip, and use the valuable mind on the professional knowledge of your products. I personally feel meaningless to argue the advancement of the chip. Of course, the new technology will naturally have new products. Essence

As for choosing that kind of chip or your product decision, new friends, regardless of the new product of learning, must learn it well. It is good to learn to use your product flexibly. White school.

Single -chip microcomputer is a tool after all, real kung fu is in your professional knowledge

I can give me an example. The key is to tell the newcomers to learn practically, do not be confused by the argument of what single -chip machine is used, everyone’s thinking is different, and the fields of application in the future are different.

Of course, the understanding of each chip is also different. You can choose the right one, get it through, and look back, they are all the same tools, but do not say how to learn 51. Learn to learn. Learn to learn. How about STM32, how about learning ARM.

No matter which one is, it is a tool to realize your thoughts.

Which one is used for that is practical, you can learn which one, learn to use it well, do not use that good today, someone will use that good tomorrow, there is always new things, there are new things every day, there are new things every day, there are new things every day, there are new things every day. It’s all good things, do you learn from all of a sudden!

No! If you find one for yourself to learn well, it is really easy to engage in others in the future!

Touching by bypass, this is the experience of one of my people.

This experience may be only 50 % of the people in this industry, so how do you choose the type of single -chip microcomputer in the actual application?

Selection principle: mainly frominstruction structureRunning speedProgram storage methodand functions and other aspects to select single -chip microcomputer.

I have read some articles to discuss which single -chip machine is best.

I feel that choosing a suitable single -chip microcomputer is really not easy. There are too many aspects to be considered. It can only be said that a particular occasion is more suitable for using a certain MCU. If you really have it, it is great if you really have it.

  1. Basic parameters of single -chip microcomputer such as speed, program memory capacity, I/O pin number;

  2. enhancement function of single -chip microcomputer. For example, watching the door dog, double pointer, double serial port, RTC (real time clock), EEPROM, extended RAM, Canna interface, I2C interface, SPI interface, USB interface;

  3. FLASH and OTP (one -time programming) is best for Flash;

  4. package. DIP (dual -column direct), PLCC (PLCC has a corresponding socket) or patch. DIP packaging may be more convenient when doing experiments;

  5. Work temperature range. Industrial levels are still commercial. If you design outdoor products, you must choose industrial grade;

  6. Power consumption, such as designing and encrypted dogs, the signal cable can only provide a few MAs;

  7. working voltage range. For example, designing a TV remote control, 2 dried batteries power supply, at least it should be able to work within the range of 1.8-3.6V;

  8. The supply channel is smooth. Can apply for samples, there are stocks in small batches;

  9. Low price;

  10. There are service providers, which provide a lot of useful technical support, at least the scorching device has a place to buy;

  11. Burning recorder is low. If it is an ICP (placing a single machine on the recorder programming), can it be used to use the existing recorder, if it is a table and packaging, it is also expensive to buy a transfer. System programming, that is, the chip is welded to the board first and then programmed by the reserved ISP interface). Generally, the ISP programmer is cheaper about one to two hundred yuan or even tens of yuan;

  12. The simulation device is cheap. For Flash single -chip microcomputer, the simulation device is not necessary, but for OTP (one -time programming) single -chip microcomputer, you must buy or rent the simulation device;

  13. Single -chip machine language is familiar with it, and can support C language. The programming environment is as easy to use as Keil, and it is still free;

  14. The website is fast and rich in data, including chip manuals, application guides, design schemes, sample procedures, preferably Chinese, like atmel

  15. The confidentiality performance is good, check the blacklist on the professional decryption website, and send another Mail to consult the decryption price;

  16. Anti -interference performance is good;

    The comprehensive consideration of

  17. and other peripheral chips together, circuit principles, electrical, electrical, communication principles, single -chip microcomputer, high -frequency electronic line, signal system, digital signal processing, FPGA, DSP, etc.

1.Stm32U5, the new ultra -low -power MCU flagship version of the newly created by the Semiconductor Semiconductor

2. [Example of the ARM-2D interface design] From the display of irregular icons

3.Stm8cubeMX and STM32CUBEMX are the same?

4. In these nine cases, the single -chip machine project should not be picked up ~

5. Secretly replaced the roommate’s STM32 with GD32. Essence Essence

6. Open the Apple A15 chip to see the layout of DIE!

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POJ 2481.COWS 【Tree -shaped array】 【May 10】

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