qt nativeEvent cannot receive USB’s insertion message QT DBTDEVICEARIVAL


Re -load the NativeEvent method in QwidGT, but cannot receive DBT_DEVICEARIVAL and DBT_DEVICEREMOVECOMPLETE messages

    MSG* msg = reinterpret_cast<MSG*>(pMessage);
    auto wParam = msg->wParam;

        auto lParam = msg->lParam;
        auto deviceType = reinterpret_cast<DEV_BROADCAST_HDR *>(lParam)->dbch_devicetype;
        if (deviceType == DBT_DEVTYP_VOLUME) {

            auto unitmask = reinterpret_cast<DEV_BROADCAST_VOLUME *>(lParam)->dbcv_unitmask;
            for (int i = 0; i < 32; ++i) {

                if ((unitmask & (1 << i)) != 0) {

                    // setDriveChanged(‘A’ + i, wParam == DBT_DEVICEARRIVAL);
    return false;

After investigation, it is found that the current Widget is a sub -window. NativeEvent can only receive Windows system messages only when Nativa Windows, so it is necessary to process USB related events in the Native window.


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